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AdminPLUS – .NET Core 6 Starter Admin Template nulled

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AdminPLUS – .NET Core 6 Starter Admin Template nulled


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If you are looking for template for your upcoming web based .NET Core project then probably you come to right place.

AdminPLUS is web based light Admin template with rich documentation, developed based Microsoft’s latest .NET core 6, Entity Framework core 6.0.0, Jquery, Javascript & Bootstrap 4. The most amazing part of this template is, you have 5 popular Relational database connectivity options here. You have flexibility to choose Sql server, Mysql, Sqlite, PostgreSql & Oracle 12c+.

Are you stuck with setting up an admin açık oturum? AdminPLUS starter admin template will right choice for you.

We will keep updating this project regularly with latest ver of framework, plugins, feature & fixes. Please share your feedbacks & new feature requests, we will try to implement those on upcoming versions.


  • .Net Core 6
  • EF Core 6.0.0
  • Sql Server/Mysql/Oracle/SqLite/PostgreSql
  • Bootstrap 4

Here are some key points which make AdminPLUS a perfect solution as starter kit for your next project.

  • Separate API & CLIENT project.
  • Used NLog (a 3rd party logger service)
  • 5 database connectivity options(Sql Server/Mysql/Oracle/SqLite/PostgreSql)
  • Swagger API documentation.
  • EF core code first approach.
  • Bootstrap 4 Custom UI template.
  • EF core as ORM.
  • Ajax loader on every api request.
  • Client side Image upload technique by Ajax.
  • SweetAlert Plugin implementation.
  • Shown chart on Dashboard using chart.js
  • Database Seeding & Migration.
  • Dependency Injection.
  • Handle HTTP error pages(like 404,401,403 ….).
  • Custom Session managing technique.
  • CORS Managing technique.
  • Api authentication & authorization using JWT.
  • Efficient database structure.
  • Quick start guide.
  • Easy documentation & step by step video tutorial guide.


  • User Authentication
  • User Authorization
  • Full screen mode
  • Screen lock
  • User Profile
  • Reset Password
  • Biçim Validation
  • Profile Image Upload
  • Dashboard Charts(Line chart,Bar chart,Pie chart)
  • User Status on Dashboard
  • Menu CRUD
  • Menu Group CRUD
  • User CRUD
  • User Role CRUD
  • Assign menu to menu group
  • Assign menu group to User Role
  • Keep login histories
  • Data Export Options(Copy/CSV/Excel/PDF/Print)
  • Dynamic navigation açık oturum based user role
  • Daily Error Log file(Windows OS C:DemoLogs)

Quick Start Guide

AdminPLUS starter template özgü 2 separate project i.e. AdminClient & AdminApi.

  • Open AdminApi project on Visual studio code or Visual Studio 2019+. Then open appsettings.json file & replace the Connection String by your 1.
  • Open terminal on VS Code or Visual Studio 2019+ & write below commands
    • dotnet ef migrations add InitialMigration
    • dotnet ef database update
    • dotnet run

    You should see your API listening at localhost:5001.

  • Now open AdminClient on Visual Studio 2019+ or Visual Studio Code. Run the project either command line or debugging mode (pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5). In command line mood the Client project will run at localhost:5000 & in debugging mood it will run at localhost:53580. Please see the video tutorial or documentation for detail illustration. You may also see the live demo.

Change Log

Ver 1.2

  • Upgraded .Net core 5 to .NET core 6
  • Add Ajax loader to every api request
  • Data Export Options(Copy/CSV/Excel/PDF/Print)
  • Add full screen mode
  • Add screen lock
  • Add pie chart

Ver 1.1

  • Implemented chart using chart.js
  • Add last 10 days login history line chart on Dashboard
  • Add month & year wise login history bar chart on Dashboard

Ver 1.0

  • Initial release

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