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EasyWeather – Many Weather Services, One Bright Engine nulled

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EasyWeather – Many Weather Services, One Bright Engine nulled


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Many weather services, 1 bright engine

EasyWeather 1.4 is lightweight & versatile jQuery plugin displaying weather information for any location. Its compact size & numerous options make it perfectly suitable for providing local weather information in portals, websites, blogs & app.

How it works

EasyWeather is amazing plugin that unifies different weather sources in 1 tiny widget. It currently works with 2 weather providers but it is designed to work with an unlimited number of sources. It implements a cascading fallback mechanism ensuring data is retrieved even if a provider is down or consumer itself is throttled by a service. If the first provider fails to return the requested information, EasyWeather will contact the next 1 to maximise the availability of service. EasyWeather’s engine uses the same mechanism to detect user location & it currently support 2 different geolocation services.

Main feature

  • It support the following weather providers:
  • & the following Geolocation services:
  • Up to 10 days weather forecast depending on service
  • Custom location search bar
  • Units selection: Celsius/Fahrenheit & Kmph/Miles
  • Caching mechanism based:
    • HTML 5 local storage or
    • Cookies
  • Pure client-side solution, no particular server-side technology required, no proxy page
  • 10 predefined themes
  • Templates & CSS style fully customisable
  • Callbacks, custom events & delegates for most actions
  • Easy to install
  • Extensive documentation


EasyWeather can be previewed here.




  • Decommissioned legacy weather & geo-location data providers
  • Added support for Weather API data providers



  • Added ipinfo.io geolocation provider



  • Forecast.io API now support only HTTPS calls, updated logic accordingly



  • Bug fix for location searches yielding 1 result with Yahoo provider


v1.2 comes with this following changes:

  • Added Forecast.io weather data provider
  • Added showRegion option for displaying the region or state of resolved location
  • Updated the documentation



  • language support for weather condition labels (detailLabels option)
  • replaced MaxMind GeoIP2 geolocation provider (free ver discontinued) with Telize GeoIP service
  • updated the samples file


v1.0 widget launch

Important note

MaxMind özgü announced that free use of GeoIP2 JavaScript API will be discontinued as of January 20, 2014. As result, EasyWeather will offer Telize GeoIP as replacement for the current MaxMind GeoIP2 geolocation service. Thanks for your understanding.

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