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This item represents an events calendar, offered as jQuery plugin.
NOTE: The PHP ver is now included !

It looks like Google Calendar (the first 1 on CodeCanyon), but in a simpler way.
It is composed in 2 parts :

  • Horizontal month calendar (to go to a certain date easily)
  • Week calendar (the main calendar, we can go to previous/next weeks with it)

The calendar manage the time with half hours (so, 48 cells a day), & it authorizes only 1 event at a T time.
It uses HTML / CSS / JS.

What can you do with it ?

  • To see the list of events
  • To navigate into the calendar (with or without the horizontal month calendar)
  • To manage the 4 masks (days / hours)
  • To create events
  • To modify events (date, duration, information)
  • To delete events


  • Event management
  • Fastest events editor with drag & drop / click / resize system
  • Event collision system (to authorize only 1 event at a time)
  • Different color for each event (with Color-Chooser element)
  • Masks management (to customize the view)


  • V1.1
    • Redraw calendar function added (to recalculate coordinates for masks & events)
    • Documentation updated
    • Z-index improvement while dragging events
    • PHP Ver added (with its own documentation, login system, MySQL events storage)

Compatible browsers

  • IE8+
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • ….

Use of external scripts

  • HTML5Shiv : HTML5 management for older browsers (& IE)
  • DateJS : Easier date management
  • jQuery MiniColors : Simple color-chooser
  • Shadowbox : Enhanced Lightbox
  • jQuery : THE Javascript library
  • jQuery UI : THE main jQuery plugin

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