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Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Figma nulled


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“Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Figma” – Bfit is high-end mobile UI kit designed to help developers create health & fitness app. This kit contains information on fitness, trainers, diets, gyms, workouts, yoga, & how to find a fitness trainer. This kit contains 81 beautifully designed screens that have been properly grouped & organized so that the entire design can be easily changed. It will help you create clear interfaces for health & fitness app more quickly & easily. We created this app UI kit with this Figma software.

Our package includes 81 well-organized screens for iOS.

Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Figma

  • Awesome Unique Look
  • Çağıl & Clean Design
  • 81+ Premium Readymade iOS Screens
  • Great Usability, Typography & User-experience
  • Compatible with Figma Software
  • Fully Layered, Grouped & Named appropriately
  • Free Web Fonts
  • Well-Documented Help File
  • & Much More…

Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Figma

Screens Included

  • 01_Splash
  • 02_Onboarding-1
  • 03_Onboarding-2
  • 04_Onboarding-3
  • 05_Onboarding-4
  • 06_Welcome
  • 07_Sign Up
  • 08_Sign In
  • 09_Verify Smartphone Number
  • 10_Phone Verification
  • 11_Forgot Password
  • 12_Change Password
  • 13_Reset Password
  • 14_Select Gender
  • 15_Select Age
  • 16_Select Weight
  • 17_Select Height
  • 18_Select Goal
  • 19_How to Achieve Goal
  • 20_Current Fitness Level
  • 21_Choose Your Interest
  • 22_Ready To Go
  • 23_Home Screen(Option-1)
  • 24_Home Screen(Option-2)
  • 25_Home Screen(Option-3)
  • 26_Workout
  • 27_Workout Categories
  • 28_Abs Workout
  • 29_Abs Workout Schedule
  • 30_Abs Workout(Upper Body & Abs)
  • 31_Abs Workout(Upper Body & Abs) Video
  • 32_Fitness Instructor
  • 33_Fitness Instructor Detail
  • 34_Fitness Instructor Appointment
  • 35_Fitness Instructor Appointment Order Detail
  • 36_Fitness Instructor Appointment Payment
  • 37_Fitness Instructor Appointment Payment Successfully
  • 38_Diet
  • 39_Diet Categories
  • 40_Vegan Diet Plan
  • 41_Vegan Diet Plan Day01
  • 42_Daily Goals
  • 43_Daily Steps
  • 44_Daily Sleep
  • 45_Daily Heart
  • 46_Daily Calories
  • 47_Daily Water
  • 48_Daily Workout
  • 49_Profile
  • 50_Profile Settings
  • 51_Edit Account
  • 52_Notification
  • 53_Support
  • 54_Support Detail
  • 55_Privacy Policy
  • 56_My Goals(Activity)
  • 57_My Goals(Diet)
  • 58_My Appointments(Past)
  • 59_My Appointments(Upcoming)
  • 60_Invite Friend
  • 61_Invited Friend
  • 62_Invited Friend Write Message
  • 63_Followers
  • 64_Followings
  • 65_My Payment
  • 66_Add New Card
  • 67_My Address
  • 68_Add New Address
  • 69_Settings
  • 70_Profile Menu
  • 71_Body Measurements
  • 72_Reviews
  • 73_Review Detail
  • 74_Write Review
  • 75_Filters
  • 76_Chat
  • 77_Chat Detail
  • 78_Sign Out
  • 79_Password Change Message
  • 80_Favourites
  • 81_Search

Icon used

Fonts used

Graphic used

Note: All image are just used for preview purpose only & replaced with placeholder image. They are not part of template & not included in final purchase file.

Main File

  • 81 Screens with Figma File
  • Well Documented Help File

Software Ver

  • Figma Software

How to Use Figma File

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  3. Drag the file(s) over to Figma. A blue box will appear in Figma to show that your file are ready to import.
  4. Release your mouse to start the import process. Depending on the file size, this can take a couple of seconds.
  5. Once completed, click Done to return to File Browser
  6. For more detail, please visit: Figma Help

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your interest. Your comments & ratings would be much appreciated.

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