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Free download Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Photoshop nulled

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Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Photoshop nulled


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“Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Photoshop” – Bfit is high-end mobile UI kit designed to help developers create health & fitness app. This kit contains information on fitness, trainers, diets, gyms, workouts, yoga, & how to find a fitness trainer. This kit contains 81 beautifully designed screens that have been properly grouped & organized so that the entire design can be easily changed. It will help you create clear interfaces for health & fitness app more quickly & easily. We created this app UI kit with this Adobe Photoshop software.

Our package includes 81 well-organized screens for iOS.

Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Photoshop

  • Awesome Unique Look
  • Çağdaş & Clean Design
  • 81+ Premium Readymade iOS Screens
  • Great Usability, Typography & User-experience
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC Software
  • Fully Layered, Grouped & Named appropriately
  • Free Web Fonts
  • Well-Documented Help File
  • & Much More…

Bfit | Fitness App UI Kit for Photoshop

Screens Included

  • 01_Splash
  • 02_Onboarding-1
  • 03_Onboarding-2
  • 04_Onboarding-3
  • 05_Onboarding-4
  • 06_Welcome
  • 07_Sign Up
  • 08_Sign In
  • 09_Verify Smartphone Number
  • 10_Phone Verification
  • 11_Forgot Password
  • 12_Change Password
  • 13_Reset Password
  • 14_Select Gender
  • 15_Select Age
  • 16_Select Weight
  • 17_Select Height
  • 18_Select Goal
  • 19_How to Achieve Goal
  • 20_Current Fitness Level
  • 21_Choose Your Interest
  • 22_Ready To Go
  • 23_Home Screen(Option-1)
  • 24_Home Screen(Option-2)
  • 25_Home Screen(Option-3)
  • 26_Workout
  • 27_Workout Categories
  • 28_Abs Workout
  • 29_Abs Workout Schedule
  • 30_Abs Workout(Upper Body & Abs)
  • 31_Abs Workout(Upper Body & Abs) Video
  • 32_Fitness Instructor
  • 33_Fitness Instructor Detail
  • 34_Fitness Instructor Appointment
  • 35_Fitness Instructor Appointment Order Detail
  • 36_Fitness Instructor Appointment Payment
  • 37_Fitness Instructor Appointment Payment Successfully
  • 38_Diet
  • 39_Diet Categories
  • 40_Vegan Diet Plan
  • 41_Vegan Diet Plan Day01
  • 42_Daily Goals
  • 43_Daily Steps
  • 44_Daily Sleep
  • 45_Daily Heart
  • 46_Daily Calories
  • 47_Daily Water
  • 48_Daily Workout
  • 49_Profile
  • 50_Profile Settings
  • 51_Edit Account
  • 52_Notification
  • 53_Support
  • 54_Support Detail
  • 55_Privacy Policy
  • 56_My Goals(Activity)
  • 57_My Goals(Diet)
  • 58_My Appointments(Past)
  • 59_My Appointments(Upcoming)
  • 60_Invite Friend
  • 61_Invited Friend
  • 62_Invited Friend Write Message
  • 63_Followers
  • 64_Followings
  • 65_My Payment
  • 66_Add New Card
  • 67_My Address
  • 68_Add New Address
  • 69_Settings
  • 70_Profile Menu
  • 71_Body Measurements
  • 72_Reviews
  • 73_Review Detail
  • 74_Write Review
  • 75_Filters
  • 76_Chat
  • 77_Chat Detail
  • 78_Sign Out
  • 79_Password Change Message
  • 80_Favourites
  • 81_Search

Icon used

Fonts used

Graphic used

Note: All image are just used for preview purpose only & replaced with placeholder image. They are not part of template & not included in final purchase file.

Main File

  • 81 Screens with Photoshop File
  • Well Documented Help File

Software Ver

  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC

How To Edit Photoshop File

  • You have to to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your system, & the fonts mentioned in credits installed. As u can see on the left, the layers are well organized & grouped into folders, which make editing very easy. So, all you must do, is select the layer from the right, & then edit it with Adobe Photoshop.
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