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Boompay v3.2 – Modern Payment Gateway nulled


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If you did not obtain software from codecanyon, our website boomchart.net, do know that;

  1. You won’t get support for any bugs that occur
  2. No future update
  3. No customization service
  4. Downloading script online for free makes you liable to malware & insecurities

DISCLAIMER: If you are not satisfied with features that are currently on this product, pls do not purchase, because we do not do refunds after downloading the product.

Boompay v3.2 - Modern Payment Gateway - 1 Documentation

Boompay is Modern Payment Gateway PHP Script made with Laravel Framework. Its Built to be beautiful, fast, & powerful. It supports the transfer of money to anyone, requesting money, storefront, invoice, payment buttons(single charge & donation service), virtual cards, bill payment(Nigeria), subscription service, sub-accounts, website integration(HTML checkout), business compliance, & more. it’s easy to install our system within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge.


Clients actively using v3.0 below, won’t be able to upgrade to the latest version because of the database huge revamp, kindly understand we haven’t provided backlogs on how to update yet.

Country Restriction

Blocking of users in a country that was disabled from logining in now available with country restriction

Introducing Stripe Connect

Stripe connect has been integrated to make payouts easy as possible, this feature is optional as it’s advisable to enable compliance restriction when using this as custom accounts will be restricted if this is not enabled & not compliance not verified by admin

Bill Payment

Bill payment is only supported for NGN as default platform currency, it works instant provided your flutter wave account has funds. Type of bills processed by boom pay includes; airtime, data bundle, electricity, & cable tv. Wondering how can creat money from bill payment, you can add charges to every successful bill payment made on the platform. Bill payment can only be paid with a boom pay account balance.

Virtual Cards

Boompay enables users to convert account balance to virtual cards with limits as how much a card can hold. admin makes money from card creation fees. The card can be terminated or funded anytime.

Currencies supported by virtual card


Payment gateways available for funding

  1. Stripe
  2. Bank Transfer(Manual)
  3. Coinpayment – Bitcoin
  4. Coinpayment – Ethereum
  5. Paypal
  6. Flutterwave
  7. Paystack

Why funding account is important

  1. Transfer/Request of Money
  2. Payment Pages or buttons
  3. Bill Payment
  4. Website Integration
  5. Storefront or product purchase
  6. Invoice Payment
  7. Subscription service(recurring payment/one-time plan)


Stripe is the default card payment gateway for Boompay script, it can not be disabled as Boompay needs to process a card payment. The limitations of Stripe are countries where Stripe is not supported, funding of account was added to fix this issue. If you won’t be satisfied with Stripe as you plan to launch your payment gateway in countries where Stripe is not supported. You can hire us to integrate another payment processor that works for you, but ensure the documentation is very good.

HTML Checkout

Receiving money on your site is now easy with simple integration. This document will introduce you to all the basic information you wanna better understand our technologies. To start receiving payment on your site, or you wanna do is copy the HTML form code below to your site page.

Subscription Service

People have been pretty much confused on what exactly this feature is. let’s say you run a dog food delivery business & you have clients that order food from you weekly, you can create plan, send the intervals of billing, & set it to your clients for payment.

Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts is for disbursing your payouts to other bank accounts in percent or flat amounts. This account can be disabled when it’s not in use. All payout charges made to sub-accounts is summed up & taken from your main account

Storefront & Products

With a storefront, you can group products & sell them all in one place. Product category, shipping address & rates with more features have been added

Transfer & Request Money

Users can send money to anyone with an email address. If the email is not registered, an email will be sent to prompt the recipient to register & confirm the transfer was received. The recipient has 5 days to confirm payment else money will be refunded to the sender. You can request money from anyone registered on the platform

Create Payment links as a single charge link to charge your clients a fixed or any amount. Run crowdfunding events by creating donation pages with Boompay


Create invoices & send them to your clients for payments. An invoice can only be paid by the email address associated with it. marking an invoice as paid without payment being made on the platform will only lead to charges being deducted from your account.

Compliance & Withdrawal

With the recent increase in fraud, a compliance form was to set limitations to payouts. Withdrawal privileges now range from an unverified, starter, & registered business. A confirmed registered business has no payout restrictions. to upgrade the payout limit, you will have to fill a compliance form on what your company is about & submit it for review.

Countries & Banks

To give the admin more control over where he/she wants his business to function, we have added country supported. For payouts, we have also added banks supported to make business easier.


Two Factor AuthenticationSecurity is not compulsory but is highly advised to secure your account.

Stripe test card

=> card no 4242 4242 4242 4242
=> cvc 123
=> MM/YYYY 12/2024

Flutterwave test card

=> card no 5531 8866 5214 2950
=> cvc 564
=> MM/YYYY 09/2032
=> pin 3310
=> otp 12345

Boompay v3.2 - Modern Payment Gateway - 2

For bug fixes, inquiries, customization, send a request ticket here, pls make it as simple as possible. Thank you


 => Fixed Payment Link deletion bug => Fixed Database Bug with upgrading to v 2.3 


 => Fixed Money confirmation bug => Fixed Dark & Light logo misplacement bug => Fixed stripe secret & public key issue => Addressed redirection to dashboard after login from payment links 


 => Fixed payment gateway settings page in admin 


 => Fixed single charge create link issue => Fixed images automatically being converted to png or jpg file 

Wondering Why coinpayment is showing failed to process

  1. Ensure the coin you wanna receive is added to your coinpayment accepted coins
  2. In api key page, ensure certain persmissions are checked!!!
  3. create_transaction
  4. get_tx_info
  5. get_callback_address
  6. rates
  7. create_transfer

New Features on BOOMPAY v3.2 @ 2/25/2021

  1. Fixed Compliance issue
  2. Fixed Settings form for features
  3. Fixed Money charge issue
  4. Fixed Withdrawal Charge Not being deducted
  5. Fixed Transactions displaying for a new user
  6. Fixed Sub account creation bug
  7. Fixed script issue with charges
  8. And lots more

New Features on BOOMPAY v3.1 @ 2/10/2021

  1. Charge back integration
  2. 3D secure API for cardpayment
  3. Stripe can now be disabled
  4. UI changes
  5. Upgrade laravel version to 8.0
  6. Fixed Transaction log bug
  7. Updated Compliance
  8. Improved security

New Features on BOOMPAY v3.0 @ 1/2/2021

  1. Store front
  2. Shipping address & Rates
  3. UI Redesign
  4. Rest API for confirming HTML checkout transactions
  5. Bill payment for Nigeria
  6. Virtual Cards
  7. Sub account/Split Payment
  8. More deposit methods
  9. Product purchase with account balance
  10. Compliance

  11. Api Key
  12. Supported country & banks

New Features on BOOMPAY v2.0 @ 10/10/2020

  1. Single Charge
  2. Donation Page
  3. Better Website Integeration
  4. Subscription service
  5. Charges now documented
  6. Detailed transaction history
  7. Revamped Emails
  8. Staff Management
  9. Revamped Dispute system

New Features on BOOMPAY [email protected] 27/07/2020

  1. Request payment
  2. Flutterwave
  3. Recaptcha integeration
  4. Fixed Bug that had to do with KYC
  5. UI changes
  6. Bug fixes

User features

  1. Cross-browser optimized design
  2. Easy Signup/login
  3. Secure dashboard
  4. Send Money
  5. Invoice
  6. Business verification
  7. Merchant
  8. Account settings
  9. Social links
  10. Sell any product of any kind
  11. CAC business verification
  12. Withdraw limit for unverified business
  13. Tawk, Twilio has be integrated
  14. Multiple Bank accounts
  15. Withdraw system
  16. more…

Admin features

  1. Blog management
  2. Faq management
  3. Webpages management
  4. Brand management
  5. Interface control
  6. Social links
  7. Privacy policy
  8. Terms & conditions
  9. Invoice management
  10. Product management
  11. Withdrawal management
  12. Basic settings
  13. Messages
  14. User management
  15. Money Transfer management
  16. Order system
  17. Deposit management
  18. more…

Logo credits Author Page/Shop Link: https://www.codester.com/SMG/shop Demo

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