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What is this app?

Bootstrap Code Generator is simple app to generate markup codes for your html project. It uses bootstrap 3 framework in generating required markup codes.

Easily add html element with just a click of a button so no more typing of lengthy markup just to create full navigation bar.

Easily use bootswatch themes by selecting the desired theme on Starter Templates button.


System Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Windows OS (From XP to latest)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • A working brain & a basic knowledge in HTML.  :)

Technical Support

For questions or suggestion, u can post it on the comment box or u can go to my profile & send me a personal message.


This app is only use to generate markup codes for your html project.

Arranging & finalizing html elements is your responsibility, use this tool to generate markup codes only.

Ver History

Existing customer will be notified for the latest update.

1.3 11.27.2014

  • (NEW) New Themes Paper & Yeti
  • (NEW) Tabs on Elements
  • (NEW) Confirmation Screen when closing the app
  • (UPDATE) Bootstrap source & Themes to 3.3.0
  • (UPDATE) Minor Bug fixed

1.2 08.02.2014

  • (NEW) Multiple Document Support (MDI)
  • (NEW) Drag & Drop Support
  • (NEW) Syntax Highlight Support (HTML File Only)
  • (NEW) Added Find & Replace on Edit Menu
  • (NEW) Window Menu (for arranging child windows)
  • (NEW) Biçim Builder
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Textbox
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: TextArea
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Radio Button
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Check box
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Combo Box / List Box
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Submit Button
  • (NEW) Biçim Element: Hidded
  • (NEW) Easy Installer/Uninstaller
  • (UPDATE) Updated Templates to Bootstrap Ver 3.2
  • (UPDATE) Updated Templates to Bootswatch Ver 3.2
  • (UPDATE) U can now preview your html project without saving it
  • (FIXED) Cut, Copy, Paste
  • (FIXED) File Extension on Save, Save As, & Open

1.1 06.08.2014

  • Added new element ‘page footer’
  • Added new dummy object ‘page footer sample’
  • Minor fix on some markup elements

1.0 06.03.2014

  • First release

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