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Free download C#.Net & .Net Core Helper For All Projects nulled

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C#.Net & .Net Core Helper For All Projects nulled


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This helper library will be useful for you no matter what kind of project you are developingon. It is in all 1 project. There are tons of extensions & helper methods included in project. All source codes are included. U can modify or add new extensions/helpers as you wanted.

Main categories of helper methods

  1. Cache : This generic helper will let you cache any object.
  2. Collections : ByteArrayExtensions, CollectionExtensions, DictionaryExtensions, EnumerableExtensions, LinqExtensions, SyncedCollection
  3. Converters: BooleanConverter, DatemtimeConverter, EnumerableConverter,NullableConverter
  4. Data: ConversionExtensions, DataReaderExtensions, DateTimeExtensions, EntityHelper, EnumExtensions, GroupByExtensions, MiscExtensions, NumericExtensions, RegexExtensions, StreamExtensions, StringExtensions, TypeExtensions, XmlExtensions, XPathExtensions
  5. Encryptor
  6. File : DirectoryExtensions, FileHelper, PathHelper
  7. ImageManager : ResizeImage, CreateImage, GenerateImageFromFile, GenerateGifImageFromFile, GenerateImageFromStream, AddWaterMark, CropImage, RotateImage
  8. Html : HtmlHelper, HtmlUtils, WebRequestHandler
  9. Http :SafeGetHttpRequest, GetOrAdd, IsHtmlViewResult, GetItem, GetSubDomain
  10. Json : Json Handler is great helper to handle api reuqest for json results.
  11. Email : Mail helper.
  12. Useful models : ConcurrentMultipMap, LazyMultiMap, MultiMap,QueryString,SyncedCollection,TrimmedBuffer
  13. Handy Utils : BitHelpers,CommonHelper,RegularExpressions,SerializationUtils,Singleton,Utils, XmlHelper

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