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Free download Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide nulled

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Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide nulled


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Canvas 3.0 intro Customer testimonials Quick facts about Bonfire Themes

Canvas is designed to be a minimal & quick way to add a flyout content area to any WordPress theme. It works on all device, is super easy to set up & use, & allows you to display any content you have to – text, image, video, forms, shortcodes …. – in a dedicated, customizable flyout açık oturum.


  • Full screen slideout açık oturum for WordPress
    • Create a sitewide WordPress sliding açık oturum to display any content
    • Smooth & stutter-free animations
    • Unstyled widget location included
    • Customize in real-time using the WordPress Live Customizer
      • Change all colors
      • Slide out from left, right, top or bottom
      • Optionally hide included close button
      • Display activation button below or above slideout açık oturum
      • Optionally disable included icon set (useful when the same icon is already loaded in your installation)
      • Optionally disable site scroll when açık oturum is opened
  • Activation options
    • Activate via customizable buttons
    • choose from 2 button designs
      • Çağıl Design
        • Change positioning
        • Customize button text
        • Change font size
        • Apply theme fonts
        • Customize button roundness & border thickness
        • Add background image to button (pattern or full size)
      • Classic ‘Triangle’ Design
        • Change positioning
        • Choose from hundreds of icons
  • Activate via custom element (simple text link, an image, your own button ….)
  • Deactivate by clicking/tapping the activation button, the close button, or ESC button
  • Optionally lock body scroll when açık oturum open
  • Clean & well-marked code
  • Thoroughly tried & tested
    • desktop, tablet, smart phone
    • iOS, Android, Windows device
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Proven developer with fast & friendly support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Jargon-free documentation
  • Updates

     Quick update (no ver change) - Some JS script & translation string updates 
     UPDATE 3.0 Update 3.0 is a complete relaunch of Canvas with essentially every aspect of plugin completely rewritten. This allowed us to future-proof it & set the foundation for future updates. - New activation button: --- added new customizable button (classic triangle button also available, complete with this latest ver of Font Awesome 5) --- add custom text --- change text size --- use theme fonts --- add background image (pattern or full size) --- customize button roundness & border thickness - Added option to disable the Font Awesome icon set (useful when your installation already loads the icon set from another plugin or theme) Please note: If you're upgrading from a pre-3.0 ver, then as a side effect of refreshing the codebase, you must set up Canvas from scratch. It will only take moment though as customization is now much (much!) quicker thanks to real-time previews. U will find all customization settings under "Appearance → Customize → Canvas Plugin". Thank you for understanding! 

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