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Digital Paybox – WordPress Plugin nulled


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Digital Paybox (formerly Donate & Download) is plugin that allows to distribute files through payments. People can decide how much to pay & what payment gateway to use for that (PayPal, Payza/Alertpay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, Good Money, Credit/Debit Cards (via Stripe), Bitcoins (via BitPay)), but you always can set minimum limit of their payments or even set fixed amount for each file separately. Once payment completed, the plugin automatically sends temporary encrypted download link to payer’s e-mail address.


  • Add “Terms & Conditions” checkbox to payment form.
  • Integration with WordPress-native Personal Data Tools.


  • Monetize your site: get payments from your user.
  • Multiple payment gateways: accept payments via PayPal, Payza/Alertpay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, Credit/Debit Cards (via Stripe), Bitcoins (via BitPay).
  • Accept cryptocurrency – bitcoin: bitcoin payments are accepted through BitPay.
  • Accept major credit/debit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express: payments are accepted through Stripe.
  • Flexible payments: allow your buyers set their own price.
  • Minimum payment limit: set minimum amount of payment for each file to be downloaded.
  • Fixed payments: set fixed amount of payment for each file to be downloaded.
  • X-Sendfile supported: download huge files through X-Sendfile mode if mod_xsendfile module installed on your server.
  • Temporary download links: plugin generates encrypted link that is valid for limited time.
  • Responsive design: 100% responsive payment form.
  • Modern payment form: CSS3 AJAX-driven payment form.
  • Shortcode driven: insert shortcodes like [paybox id="XXX"].
  • Easy to install: install & activate the plugin as all other plugins.
  • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to all language.
  • WordPress Best Practices: no all alerts from Plugin Check & WP_DEBUG.


The best way to understand the idea of Digital Paybox is to see live example. Click “Live Preview” or visit Digital Paybox page. On “Live Preview” website you can pay desired amount & receive download link with limited period of validity.

How to use

  1. Install & activate the plugin like you do with all other plugins. Once activated, it will create menu “Digital Paybox” in left side column in the admin area.
  2. Click left side menu “Digital Paybox >>> Settings” & do required settings. Set your payment gateways parameters, e-mail address for notifications, e-mail templates for success & failed payments, download link lifetime, et cetera.
  3. Click left side menu “Digital Paybox >>> Files” & upload the files that you would like to sell. In this section you also can set the minimum price for your files, view all payment transactions, generate & view temporary download links. You also can upload large files through FTP-connection (upload them to folder /wp-content/uploads/donation-downloads/files/) & assign them in this section.
  4. Once file uploaded look at column “Shortcode”. This is short code which you can insert into your posts or pages. The short code is like that: [paybox id="XXX"] (XXX – is an ID of file). You also can extend this short code by adding return_url parameter. For example, if you wish to redirect your customers to http://www.website.com/thank-you.html page after successful payment, just insert the following short code: [paybox id="XXX" return_url="http://www.website.com/thank-you.html"].
  5. Go to all post/page edit page & insert short code there. This shortcode is replaced by payment form automatically.
  6. That is it! Enjoy using plugin.


    If you have problems regarding using plugin, pls contact me & I’ll help you.


     [Version 4.37 - 2021-02-18] - Updated Stripe integration. [Version 4.36 - 2020-10-15] - Added automatic update. [Version 4.35 - 2020-02-08] - Support multi-website installation. 

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