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Domain Tools Script is powerful PHP-based script that consists of many amazing Domain & IP Tools it allows you to search domain names instantly. It has built-in whois domain tool, domain generator tool, hostname & IP lookup tool, domain DNS records tool. It is built with fully responsive design based Latest Bootstrap to ensure that your website will look absolutely flawless & beautiful on every mobile & desktop device. It also özgü strong cross-browser support. It verifies domain availability by doing a DNS query to get search results as fast as possible. You make money when someone buys domain names through 1 of your affiliate referral links. U can also earn through Google Adsense or similar platforms. There is lot more to discover for you & we have great plans for future updates.

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  • Support 1370 TLDs
  • Realtime Domain Names Search
  • Domain Name Generator
  • Domains Whois Search
  • Hostname & IP Lookup
  • Domain Name Location
  • DNS Records Lookup
  • Sitemap Generation Tool
  • Recent Whois Searches
  • Realtime Currency Conversions
  • Earn with Affiliates
  • Earn with Adsvertisement
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • SMTP Mail Support
  • Caching For Robust Performance
  • Built-in Contact Biçim
  • Powerful Admin Açık oturum
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • 100% Pentested Security
  • Custom Pages Creation
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • & so more…

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Username: administrator
Password: administrator


  • Apache / LiteSpeed Web Server
  • PHP 7.0 or Higher
  • MySQLi Drivers for PHP
  • PHP cURL Extension
  • PHP “fsockopen” Available
  • PHP ZIP Extension (Optional)

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 v 2.0 ----- The added TLD search feature in admin açık oturum. Fixed some PHP 8 compatibility issues. Added 2 new TLD's .ru .ua Fixed URL identification issues. Fixed some UX/UI Bugs. Fixed bug on some LiteSpeed servers. Fixed Domain & IP location not working on some servers. v 1.9 ------ - Fixed an issue where multiple pages won't work on the Recent Searches page. - Fixed an issue where case-sensitive Operating systems were unable to view IP Lookup & DNS Lookup pages. - Added favicons into the recent searches sidebar on the WHOIS page. - Added an ad spot above the Recent Searches page. v 1.8 ------ - WHOIS Section Overhaul - Keep Track of Recent Whois Searches. - SEO Optimized & Page Speed Optimized. - Added the ability to Enable / Disable specific TLDs for the Domain Generator. - Masked Affiliate Links to Make it more white-label. - Added a section to update SEO Titles & Descriptions for every page in Admin Açık oturum. - Added an option to add an SEO Image for your Website. - Added Open-graph Friendly tags for Social Media Optimization. - Fixed an issue where Sitemap wouldn't get generated due to directory permissions. - Fixed Some UX/UI Bugs. - Overall Optimized. v 1.7 ------ - Optimized domain generator & suggestions. - Fixed footer domain generator link. - Fixed minor UX bugs. v 1.6 ------ - Added sitemap generation tool in admin açık oturum. - Added maximum TLDs to load per request. (Load more afterward). - Added Clear Global Cache Link in admin açık oturum. - Fixed some minor UX issues. v 1.5 ------ - Added the ability to add header/footer links through the admin açık oturum. - Added the ability to add custom tags & code in head section of your website through the admin açık oturum. - Improved the Update Mechanisms. Added a new update section in admin açık oturum. - Removed some invalid TLDs. - Added license validation. v 1.4 ------ - Added 1,370 new TLDs (U can enable/disable from the admin açık oturum). - Added option to enable / disable currency selection. - Added option to select default currency. - Added option to enable/disable specific currencies. - Fixed an issue where Affiliate Links would sometimes not work properly due to special character. - Added WYSIWYG editor to FAQ & Feature options in Admin Açık oturum. - Fixed issue with Google analytics. v 1.3 ------ - Fixed a bug where websites with "www" would not redirect automatically. - Improved SMTP compatibility. v 1.2 ------ - Fixed a bug where clicking the "WHOIS" button on Domain Search would sometimes cause an error. v 1.1 ------ - Added Translation Support. - Added Query Whois Tool in Admin Açık oturum. - Added Price Display option in Admin Açık oturum. - Added Feature & FAQs Options in Admin Açık oturum. - Fixed a design issue where the Buy button would not appear on small screens. - Admin Authentication can also use ReCaptcha now. - Improved Performance on DNS Record & WHOIS Tools. v 1.0 ------ - Initial Release 

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