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Dynamic Step Process Panels nulled


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Dynamic Step Process Panels - 4Latest Ver: 16.07.2014 – v1.7. Check the changelog

Dynamic Step Process Panels is lightweight jQuery plugin. With it u can present data in biçim of any number of steps or tabs. It can be used to:

  • Presentation Of Bulleted Content,
  • Creating Multistep Forms,
  • Creating Product Description,
  • Viewing Photo,
  • Loading Content From File Via Ajax,
  • Whatever That Comes To Your Mind.

Dynamic Step Process Panels - 5


  • jQuery Based,
  • 16 Predefined Color Skins,
  • Step By Step / Free Choice Mode,
  • Any Number Of Steps,
  • Any Step Width (CSS-Based),
  • Many Panels On 1 Site,
  • Next & Previous Buttons,
  • Custom Button Captions,
  • Custom Fade Effect Speed,
  • Step Labels,
  • First Step Can Be Open / Closed At Start,
  • Specify Even though A Particular Step Can Be Choosed Again,
  • Content For Steps Can Be Loaded Via Ajax From File,
  • Customizable beforeLoad, onLoad, onOpen, afterOpen, onHoverIn, onHoverOut, onOpenPopup, onClosePopup Events,
  • & More!

After Purchase You Will Get

  • Extensive documentation with examples,
  • CSS file for every coloristic ver & 1 computed file for all coloristic versions,
  • Packed & unpacked javascript plugin file,
  • PSD file for steps image.

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What Others Are Saying

Great item. Exactly what I am looking for & it is working perfectly.
mfowler1Dynamic Step Process Panels - 6


16.07.2014 – v1.7

  • jQuery update to ver 1.11.1

24.02.2012 – v1.6

  • Ability to remove step highlight (on go back action) – new markVisited parameter.

08.11.2011 – v1.5

  • IE9 gray style bug fix.

19.10.2010 – v1.4

  • bug fixed (too many recursions js error, on submitting biçim from 1 of live preview examples).

13.10.2010 – v1.3

  • bug fixed (next & previous buttons doesn’t worked on IE7).

07.10.2010 – v1.2

  • bug fixed (when onOpen return false, step özgü been highlighted).

03.10.2010 – v1.1

  • added new example (integrate DynamicStepProcessPanels with biçim).
  • added formProcessor.php file to download package.

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