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Free download eSpeech – Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS nulled

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eSpeech – Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS nulled


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eSpeech – a Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS

eSpeech - Web Demo link eSpeech - Admin Demo link

eSpeech - Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS - 1 eSpeech - text to speech marketplace with SaaS module

eSpeech - text to speech marketplace with SaaS module

eSpeech - text to speech marketplace with SaaS module

Create an AI platform for your business where you & your customer can generate human-like voices from over 715+ Voices & 80+ languages

Service Providers included :

Google, AWS, IBM & Azure

What is eSpeech?

eSpeech solves the sorun of managing your text to speech synthesis from multiple providers like Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Polly, & IBM Watson. It provide the platform where u can synthesize the text of any language from all the given providers without needing to worry about the hectic integration process. You just focus on your business model & it will take care of all the different technical aspects of system.

Demo Credentials

Demo link
Admin Login :

Email : [email protected]

Password : password

Customer Login :

Email : [email protected]

Password : password

Why eSpeech?

  • Voice Generation using AI – To generate realistic voiceovers for video, podcasts, learning tutorials, media entertainment, narrations, & more, using powerful online AI voice synthesis APIs.
  • Made for – YouTubers, Video Artists, Story Telling Artists, Bloggers, Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) systems, Advertisers, or Digital Content writers.
  • Audio Blog Posts – To convert your blog articles to audio using text to speech voices to increase content accessibility, user engagement, & time on page metrics.
  • Text to Speech API – Create your own API to sell & share it with different user across the globe & let them integrate the APIs to their desired platforms.
  • Commercial & broadcast rights – You are free to use generated speech file for commercial & personal use with full rights.

eatures you would love to explore:

  • SaaS enabled Marketplace – eSpeech offers great SaaS ( Software as Service ) module to satisfy your B2B, B2C or C2C business models & help you to generate more revenue hassle freely.
  • Text-to-Speech – Collaborative standard & neural TTS services from different providers like Google, AWS, Azure & IBM in 1 single single place. Save TTS for later purpose & Download it anytime in mp3 format.
  • Voice Inflections – Fine-tune Rate, adjust Pitch, Emphasis, Pauses & do lot more with your voices to make it more realistic to create more suitable voice tone.
  • Speech Style – Use expressive emotional speaking style to make the voices sound more natural & engaging.
  • SSML Support – Includes almost all Speech synthesis tags as they are supported by TTS service providers.
  • Demo Voices – Create & manage demo voices easily where your customer won’t have to spend their own character to listen to the sample voices.
  • Dashboard – Rich Admin / User Dashboard to give a complete insights of system & its overall usage with no much efforts required.
  • Customizable system – Fully customizability options to customize front-end pages & theming, SMTP Settings, Text-to-Speech configs, Contact information & lot more let you create white-label portal with ease.
  • Plans & Subscriptions – Create & manage flexible plans where u can offer the same plan or many plans with variety of options. Super admin can also create & manage the subscriptions for customer from backend with ease.
  • Flexibility of Plans Usage – Allows your customer to extend or activate upcoming plans with the ongoing plans without needing them to worrying about loosing their character balances.
  • Payment methods – Wide range of payment methods like Stripe, Razorpay & Paystack
  • Transactions – Keeps track of all the transactions of your customer & cash flow in system by your. Easily find filter records & generate reports for the future references.
  • User – Strong User or customer management with secure authentication system which support managing customer profile at ease.
  • 1 Click update – Automatic System Updater for all your future updates received from our end, where you donot need to make any single change in code to update your code.
  • Çağdaş Front end Website – Elegant Looking front end with çağıl design to attract your customer & to give wider insight into the overall system with fractional efforts.

Note : Minimum PHP ver required : 7.3 & it also support PHP 8.0

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Changelog for updates – What’s new?

Ver 1.2

( updated on 15-Apr-2022 )

 + Added new payment method - Paytm. + Added an option to Activate / Deactivate user / customer. + Different improvements & bug fixes. 

Ver 1.1

( updated on 28-Mar-2022 )

 + Added new payment method - Bank Transfers. + Added an option to upload text via Text file. + Added an option to remove a language. + Different improvements & bug fixes. 

Ver 1.0.1

( updated on 04-Feb-2022 )

 + Fixed - Languages creation & updating issues. + Fixed & improved Plans creation section. + Mobile App APIs updated. + Improved Web page titles, meta descriptions & keywords + Improved TTS process & minor bug fixes. + Overall improvements & bug fixes. + Resolved Demo mode issues. 

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