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Free download FBar – Responsive WordPress Demo Switch Bar Plugin nulled

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FBar – Responsive WordPress Demo Switch Bar Plugin nulled


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This is WordPress plugin ver of Fbar PHP demo bar. This plugin suitable for web designers, web developers & all marketplace authors. If you are theme designer or developer & if you are sell your works on Envato, I think this plugin very important for you. FBar WordPress plugin comes special overviews like; limitless color combinations, logo & favicon uploaders, enable or disable responsive mode, enable or disable purchase & remove iframe button, social media share buttons, limitless item demos & more.

So, u can show your WordPress themes, Joomla templates or HTML templates with our awesome FBar WordPress theme demo bar plugin. If you like see any demo for this plugin click live preview button. This is theme demo bar would be shown on top of page, allow user to preview another theme. U can create wonderful demo bar or theme switcher using this WordPress plugin documentation for you even without needing to know programming or coding!

Special Feature

  • Responsive Test Tool
    • Desktop Ver
    • Tablet Landscape (1024×768) Ver
    • Tablet Portrait (768×1024) Ver
    • Mobile Landscape (480×320) Ver
    • Mobile Portrait (320×480)Ver
  • Limitless Item Demos
  • Purchase Button (use your affiliate link)
  • Remove Iframe Button
  • Logo & Favicon Uploader
  • Social Share Buttons
    • Twitter Tweet Button
    • Google Plus Share Button
    • Facebook Like Button
  • Remove Envato Bar or Any Bars with Redirect Function

Key Feature

  • Responsive Layout Design
  • Limitless Color Schemes
  • SEO Friendly
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords
  • Video Tutorial (U can watch on YouTube)
  • Easy to Use
  • Detailed Documentation
  • 24/7 Support & Help
  • & more…



 03 SEP 2020 - ver 2.0 array update 2020.19.08 - ver 1.5.4 WordPress 5.5 support 2018.29.08 - ver 1.5.4 Fixed WP_Plugins_URL issue.* 2018.14.02 - ver 1.5.3 Fixed some bugs.* 2017.10.03 - ver 1.5.2 Fixed some php Notification.* 2016.12.02 - ver 1.5.2 Fixed some php bug.* 2016.09.15 - ver 1.5.1 Fixed bug of uploaded image path.* 2016.08.09 - ver 1.5 Fixed bug of layout.* update deprecated function of wordpress* 2016.07.30 - ver 1.4.4 Fixed logo link* Update social media share buttons* Made logo field optional* Made site image optional* 2016.18.07 - ver 1.4.3* Fixed notification* 2016.18.01 - ver 1.4.3 * Fixed jQery Color Picker custome color issue.* * Make some style changes 2015.07.07 - ver 1.4.2 * Fixed bug of layout.* 2015.04.07 - ver 1.4.1 * Fixed redirecting issue to dashboard.* 2014.24.07 - ver 1.4 * Added Sub-domain & Multi site Support * Fixed Bug & update for new versions. 2013.11.06 - ver 1.4 * Fixed Scroll Effect 2013.09.07 - ver 1.3 * Fixed Social Media Icons * Fixed CSS Errors 2013.08.09 - ver 1.2 * Fixed blockUI.js * Fixed site loading list 2013.07.16 - ver 1.1 * Fixed close button error * Fixed all css errors * Fixed all responsive errors * Added drag & drop function on admin açık oturum * Added skill background color options * Added scroll function for site lists (when u can add 10 more item, it will be work) * Removed /fbar/ slug name 


Our support forum coming soon! But u can support via contact biçim on our profile page!



FBar WordPress plugin coded by LeoPedia. I would like to thank him.

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