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YourDrive is self-hosted documents & folders sharing platform. U can easily host it without any coding knowledge. It allows you to upload multiple file & folders & share with unlimited user. u can copy & move folders or documents in different folder in drive. u can download documents & folders in drive & also u can preview documents. User can write comments on the document & also send document via email.




User Name: admin@gmail.com
Password: admin@123

User Name: employee@gmail.com
Password: employee@123
Easy Installation
Security Features
Full Sorce Code
Files & Folders Sharing
File Preview
Real Time Update
Login into User's Account
User Permission
Powerful Search
Share using Link
Copy & Move
File Versioning
Send Email
Mobile Compatible
Contact Support


  • Full Source Code: U will get full Source Code of YourDrive & build ver for SQL Server & MySQL database provider.
  • Cross Platform: Angular & .Net Core are Open Source & Cross Platform u can run/deploy it in any server.
  • Easy Installation: Follow the easy instructions & install YourDrive on the server within minutes. No coding knowledge is required.
  • Upload: Upload or Drag & Drop unlimited file or folders in YourDrive.
  • File & Folders Sharing: From YourDrive, u can share File & Folders to unlimited user in system.
  • File Preview: Preview Uploaded file including audio,video, image, text, pdf & all the Microsoft Office Documents.
  • Real Time Update: As you share file or folders, It will automatically appear to shared User.
  • User Permission: Admin can set permissions like upload file, create folders, copy, move, shared link … to each user.
  • Login Into User Account: Admin can login into any user account from admin açık oturum.
  • Notification: As you share file or folders, shared User get instance notification.
  • Powerful Search: U can search uploaded or shared file & folders in system.
  • Share using Link: U can share a Document with link different than system user. U can also set Password, Expiry Date, & Download options to link.
  • Copy & Move: Copy or Move File & Folders within the System.
  • File Versioning: As you Upload the same name file System will Automatically maintain the Ver of File. U can See the Older ver file & also restore it to current ver.
  • Downloads: From the System u can download multiple file or folders in same structure you have uploaded.
  • Comments: User can add/view multiple comments on the file.
  • Send Email: U can send email attached with System File or Folder to anyone.
  • Starred Document or Folder: You add stars to file & folders for easy access for future.
  • Mobile Compatible: 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop device.

Project Requirement

  • .Net Core Runtime
  • SQL Server/MySQL Database.
  • To Host App on Shared Linux hosting it is required standard user account with sudo privilege.
  • The latest non-preview .NET runtime installed on the server.

Project Technologies

  • .Net 5
  • Angular 12.

Change logs:

 1.0 Initial Release -- 26 Aug 2021 2.0 Breaking Changes -- 8 Oct 2021 Download All File (Zip). Right click menu. Deleted file folder - Empty Trash button. Link expiration date & time. All file stored on the server in encrypted biçim. U can copy the file/folder within the same folder. When a folder or file is clicked, an information screen appears on the right. Total disk space used. File Preview with Move Next & Previous Documents. 2.1 Breaking Changes -- 7 Jan 2022 Admin can Assign Permission to User. File Path Fixes. Admin can Login into any User's acccount. Fixes Sidebar issue. Select all file & folders. User wise usage disk space. 2.2 Improve UI & Bug Fixes -- 18 June 2022 Search menu on mobile view. Improvement on breadcums. Replace HTML Editor. Truncate File/Folder Name settings. Bug Fixes. 

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