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Flipping Cards 3D – Wordpress nulled


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Flipping Cards 3D – Wordpress

  • Colection of Flips & Effect of cards using CSS 3D & jQuery.
  • Easy to implement with your Wordpress.
  • Works in all çağdaş browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  • IE fallback of fade effect.

Add a Flipping card to your posts or pages with this shortcode:

 [flippingCard] [fc_front] HERE GOES THE HTML FOR THE FRONT PART OF THE FLIPPING CARD [/fc_front] [fc_back] HERE GOES THE HTML FOR THE BACK PART OF THE FLIPPING CARD [/fc_back] [/flippingCard] 

Note: If you would like to know how I configure the admin page & customize the flipping cards in live preview, contact me via email & I will show you all I did.

U can edit a single Flipping Card by passing parameters, these are the parameters available:

 [flippingCard direction="right" type="over" float="left" margin="0 10px 10px 0" width="300px" height="300px" border="1px solid gray" borderradius="10px" background="white" padding="20px" textalign="center" ratio="1:2"] 

Change Log

 ----> Update: March 19, 2021 Fixed compatibility issues with latest versions of jQuery Updated the components ----> Update: December 13, 2018 Now compatible with WP 5 ----> Update: Jul 3, 2014 Fixed some issues with Firefox v30 ----> Update: Feb 26, 2014 Now u can specify the ratio in shortcode like this: ratio="1:2" ----> Update: Dec 17, 2013 Fixed some issues with some themes that were putting the image upside down ----> Update: Nov 19, 2013 Now the fallback is compatible with IE 11 ----> Update: October 10, 2013 Fixed some issues with this fallback with some themes! ----> Update: October 6, 2013 Fixed some issues when you hover over a flipping card when the page is loading ----> Update: August 6, 2013 (replace CSS file) Fix some issues with this 3D effect on Firefox ----> Update: July 26, 2013 Fixed some console errors on IE ----> Update: May 21, 2013 Fixed some sticking issues in firefox for the over flipping cards ----> BIG Update: May 8, 2013 Auto Flip Effect is now available, u can set the time until a card will flip automatically, also u can set the time when the card will start doing the autoflips. (u can see it in live preview) NOTE: when you do a mouseover on an auto flipping card it will not flip as long as you have the mouse over the card ----> Update: April 28, 2013 Now is compatible with jQuery 1.9.1 ----> Update: April 10, 2013 Fixed some IE issues ----> Update: March 20, 2013 Add also a fallback of a fade effect for browsers that not support CSS3D like old versions of Chrome & Firefox. ----> Update: Feb 28, 2013 Add a feature that allow you to add third-party shortcodes inside the flipping card 

Configuration: here

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