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Icon Generator özgü hundreds of individual icon pages what can be found & indexed by search engines. This script allows people to customize icons from the font awesome 4.7 icon set & download them in png format to use in their websites, apps & projects. All icons have their views & download statistics saved so icons can be sorted by views, downloads & popular on the index page. This script is lightweight & doesn’t require you to create database.

Icon Generator - 1Icon Generator - 2Icon Generator - 3 Icon Generator - 4 Icon Generator - 5 Icon Generator - 6


  • Hundreds of indexable pages
  • SEO friendly urls
  • All major browser support (IE11+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera)
  • No excessive use of libraries
  • Fully XHTML 1.0 transitional
  • Çağdaş flat design
  • Mobile responsive


  • PHP 5.4+
  • Apache .htaccess (mod_rewrite)
  • file_get_contents & file_put_contents enabled
  • GD library installed / enabled


 v1.0 [22.11.2017] - initial release - Fixed double slash url bug - Fixed minor mistake in default icon biçim settings v1.1 [27.11.2017] - removed second i tag from the icon listings & removed i tags inside biçim labels, both are now using CSS content: attr() to remove inessential HTML. - icon generator JavaScript is now 43% smaller by adding reusable element functions. - added border settings açık oturum (size, opacity, color) - documentation removed, this script now özgü an installation page on first upload. - added .htaccess rewrite rule to block direct access to includes directory file. - added website ver which gets appended to resource urls (help clear cache on update). - revised all code (PHP, JavaScript, CSS). - small price increase because of quality improvements. 

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