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Infographic Icons


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The information era is upon us. That mean information, raw ones at least, are always coming to you at full speed. It is getting more difficult to discern even though or not an information is useful for you. It is getting even harder to communicate that to someone else. That is why an infographic is useful in stating what the audience needs to know!

These 75 Infographic Icons will do the trick for you! With expressive image & a clear communication style, these icons will say what you have to to say to your audience. They are very versatile, too! Different than its obvious use in an infographic, u can use them in presentations, or websites too! Explore these icons & change how u can convey information to others!

This Infographic Icon Set Includes:

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What You Will Receive?

  • x1 ICONJAR
  • x1 PDF
  • x2 AI
  • x75 EPS
  • x75 SVG—> works with Sketch
  • x75 PNG sized 256×256
  • x75 PNG sized 512×512

Why Choose Us?

  • We are fast & friendly! Just drop by our comments section to talk to us & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
  • Experience is best teacher. We believe that wholeheartedly. & keeping that in mind, we are sure that u will love our icons from our experienced designers. From 1 designer to another, we understand the little nuances of designing!
  • Structure. We are tired of these messy file scattered everywhere. It is necessary for us to keep a tidy folder & that is what we present to you! All our icon sets are delivered with 5 subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.

Real Customer Reviews:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“These are top notch icons, the file were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by them!” – AustinTBiggs

“The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which make it really easy to use it for websites & or creating brochures & flyers” – sebastianobellinzis

“Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage.” – A-Works

You will get 75 of these high quality Infographic Icons ready to help you visualize your ideas! You are going to get vector file, which mean they are easy to scale! They be able to be stretched, skewed, or customized as you have to to. Our aim is to help make your job easier! If these icons are not what you are looking for, u can let us know how we can improve to serve you better. Or if you have request on certain types of icons or designs, please do let us know in comments!

Do you like this icon set? It would help us a lot if you leave a comment or rate our item, thank you ;)

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