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iTour – An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface nulled


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The plugin «itour» give you the opportunity to tell you about the functionality of any interface. Besides, the plugin «itour» can perform the function of teaching, display the task, prompt you what to do & follow up on implementation of tasks. This is the most flexible & functional plugin among all his analogs.



iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface - 1


  • Tour builder
  • Multipage
  • Ability to continue the unfinished tour
  • The intro slide in center of screen
  • Displays the tour covers
  • Text, Video or Audio Content
  • Works with dynamic content
  • Works with hidden content (select, tabs ….)
  • Localization (60 languages)
  • Search elements. Supports most CSS3 selectors, as well as some non-standard selectors.
  • Support operating system “windows (7,8,10)”, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Support brousers IE 9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Detailed documentation & tour about the tour
  • 37 Positions’ Variants
  • Auto Positioning of Message
  • Detect Events
  • Trigger Events
  • Callback Functions
  • Map of All Steps
  • Control of Buttons Text
  • Scroll to Element
  • Highlighting of passed steps
  • Material design
  • Responsive
  • Compatibility with the “Select2” plugin
  • Compatibility with the “jQuery UI Tabs”
  • Compatibility with the “Bootstrap Collapse”

Need more feature?

We represent the revolution in the world of help-tour plugins: “iGuider”.
This is evolved “iTour”, which özgü more feature, works faster, smoothly animates, loads less device resources & more.

iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface - 2

What our customer say about iTour

iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface - 3

View itour demo on your mobile device

iTour - An Easy Tour for the Complex Interface - 4

Quick Start

    1. Include all the necessary files to the page of the site.

    2. Place all necessary file on your server using ftp

    3. Add HTML code with unique data-name attribute to the code of site page.

    4. Call the plug-in


Guide & Demos

Change Log

– 26/09/2018 Fixed a description of the requirements for a multi-page tour
– 21/09/2018 Added a demo with an “tourMapVisible” in different steps
– 07/09/2018 Added a demo with an Auto Start & a tour finished flag
– 03/09/2018 Fixed a bug with the scroller, which appeared in ver 3.2.3
– 16/08/2018 Add new sub-parameter for “step” parameter: “checkNext” & “checkPrev”. Paremeters in which u can carry out any verification by clicking on the “Next” or “Prev” button.
– 18/09/2017 Added new callback function: “abort”. View
– 17/09/2017 Added new callback function: “finish”. View
– 12/05/2017 Fixed conflict of the word “function” in string variable in the page with multi-page tour
– 11/04/2017 Add new sub-parameter for “step” parameter: “stepID”. Unique ID Name. This name is assigned to the “html” tag as “data-step” attribute (If not specified, the plugin generates it automatically in the biçim: “step-N”)
– 16/03/2017 Fixed position of Message block for mobile device
– 13/01/2017 Added support for special character like [,],{,},(,),^,# & different in page url
– 05/10/2016 Fixed text blur for webkit browsers
– 27/09/2016 Added support Pinch zoom gestures on touch device
– 23/09/2016 Added “delayAfter” parameter. This parameter set delay before the transition to the next step, ms
– 23/09/2016 Parameter “delay” replaced to “delayBefore”
– 21/09/2016 Improved examples of tour work together with Select2 & UI Tabs View
– 21/09/2016 Added example of tour work together with Bootstrap Collapse View
– 21/09/2016 Added parameter “delay”. This parameter sets the delay before the element searching, ms
– 21/09/2016 Fixed work of multi-page tour together with the parameter “tourContinue”: false
– 21/09/2016 Fixed the events “before”, “during” & “after” in the multi-page tour
– 15/09/2016 Improved Tour Builder. Now it is much easier to use & pleasing to the eye. View
– 09/09/2016 Added a living example with the using of the tour on a real interface. View
– 05/09/2016 Fix redirect to another page with the first step.
– 05/09/2016 Improved support for iOS.
– 02/09/2016 Improved multi-page redirection
– 01/09/2016 Added the continue of tour from another page
– 01/09/2016 Added parameter “loc” to the Tour Builder
– 31/08/2016 Completely rewritten multi-page functional. Added parameter “loc”. This parameter set path to the page on which the step should work. & no longer maintained event“]
– 30/08/2016 Added parameter “tourMapEnable”. With it u can turn off the tour map.
– 26/08/2016 Added the ability to multi-page tour
– 24/08/2016 Fix for windows 8, 8.1 & 10 versions
– 24/08/2016 Added parameter ‘tourID’. This parameter allows you to save data with unique name about tour progress. It can be used to save information on the progress of the tour for several user. Or save the progress of each tour separately
– 18/08/2016 Added parameter ‘tourContinue’. This parameter add the ability to continue the unfinished tour.
– 18/08/2016 Added parameter ‘tourMapJump’. If set to false, then links of steps on the tour map will not be clickable.
– 18/08/2016 Added example with tabs.
– 17/08/2016 Added parameter ‘introShow’. If set to true, before the tour u will see the introductory slide, which will offer to see a tour.
– 17/08/2016 Added parameter ‘introCover’. It adds in intro slide a cover of tour.
– 14/08/2016 Added parameter ‘textDirection’. The direction property specifies the text direction/writing direction.
– 14/08/2016 Added the ability to continue the unfinished tour. If you re-start the same tour, the plugin will display dialog box with choice of 2 optiovvns: “Start from beginning” or “Continue”
– 14/08/2016 Added parameter “modalCancelVisible”. This parameter shows a cancel button in modal window.
– 12/08/2016 Added an example of compatibility with “select2” jquery plugin.
– 12/08/2016 Added the ability to pass a foreign jquery object in the “event” parameter. If you like to listen for the event in another element, then use the array construction. (Read “Options”)
– 10/08/2016 Added ability to skip steps & remove them from the tour map if the target is absent using an “showAbsentElement” parameter.
– 10/08/2016 Added ability to skip any step using an “skip” parameter.
– 10/08/2016 Added example with dynamic content (dynamic target).
– 14/07/2016 Added support for jQuery 3.X.X
– 12/07/2016 In the archive are added localization file.
– 11/07/2016 Updated documentation
– 11/07/2016 Improved Tour Builder work
– 10/07/2016 Added parameter lang, which contains an object with the names of all the elements of the interface
– 10/07/2016 Added option “endText”, which sets the text for the close button in the last step of the tour
– 09/07/2016 Added the ability to assign for each tour a unique class name to change the display style of the tour.
– 09/07/2016 Added the ability to insert the description of the step without title
– 09/07/2016 Added parameter “tourMapBtnLabel”. The text in the show tour button
– 09/07/2016 Added cancellation of the tour by using “Esc” key
– 08/07/2016 Added parameter “overlayClikable”. This option enables or disables the click event for overlying layer
– 08/07/2016 Added parameter “disable” for step item. This parameter blocks access to element
– 28/06/2016 In the documentation added the convenience & easy tour builder.
– 28/06/2016 Added search elements by class name, id, & different attribute;
– 28/06/2016 In the documentation added section “Tour About Tour”, which shows the living example of communication with site visitors through the plugin “itour”;
– 28/06/2016 Added new feature: add class to selected item;
– 27/06/2016 Added control parameter opacity blackout;
– 26/06/2016 Added option to display a message on the center of the screen without being tied to an element;
– 26/06/2016 Added parametr to inserting cover image for step;
– 24/06/2016 Fixed Position
– 19/06/2016 Releas

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