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jQuery Shining Image nulled


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jQuery Shining Image is HTML5 jQuery plugin that add an animated shining effect to your image.

This plugin use canvas element, & is compatible with all computer & mobiles çağıl browsers. For the others, the image keeps its default static look.

  • Very easy to use : $(‘img’).shiningImage()
  • Many options to customize the effect
  • Can be used with lightbox, using onComplete Event
  • The shining image keeps the default style & class.
  • The shining image keeps original image click, mouseover, mouseout, mouseup & mousedown events
  • Compatibility : IE9+ , Firefox 4+ , Google Chrome 11+, Opera 10.6+, Safari 3.2+

Plugin parameters list :

  • color : Sets the effect color
  • delay : Sets the delay between each shine effect
  • direction : Sets the effect direction. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • onComplete : Execute this function after plugin initialisation
  • onLoopComplete : Execute this function after each shine effect
  • opacity : Sets the effect opacity
  • playOnLoad : Automatically start effect or not
  • scale : Sets the effect scale. 1 = 30% of image width or height
  • speed : Sets the effect speed in ms


  • .data(‘shiningImage’).shine() : Start shine effect
  • .data(‘shiningImage’).stopshine() : Stop shine effect

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