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JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS platform nulled


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JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS is fully-featured PHP platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media platform in no time.

The experience is powered by a mobile-first, clean & easy-to-use design, with Dark & Light mode themes, RTL, & localization capabilities. It allows your creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, & hisse to unlock posts.

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Demo URL: justfans.qdev.tech
Admin URL: justfans.qdev.tech/admin
Documentation: justfans.qdev.tech/docs
Credentials are pre-filled – Admin feature partially disabled.

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Main Feature

• Advanced posts creation module

  1. Multiple file upload
  2. Uploaded file previews
  3. Post draft save
  4. Video conversion via ffmpeg – fallback to mp4 only uploads
  5. Watermarking for image & video

• Advanced feed module

  1. Bidirectional feed module with swippable gallery & full screen view
  2. Media galleries with support for audio, video & image file
  3. Post comments, reactions & comments reactions

• Search module (Posts & User search, Top, Latest, Photo, Video filters)
• Multiple payments providers & way of monetizing content

  1. Stripe, Paypal & Coinbase payment providers
  2. Monthly/Biannual/Annual subscriptions
  3. Time limited user subscriptions offers
  4. Post & User tips
  5. Hisse to unlock posts
  6. Ad spots
  7. Free profiles

• Multiple storage drivers supported

  1. Locally hosted file
  2. Wasabi stored file
  3. AWS S3 stored file (CDN & Presigned URLs support)

• User notifications (Email & on site, live notifications)
• Live user messenger, with file upload
• User bookmarks (Allow user to save content for later)
• User lists (Allow user to store user into custom lists)
• Multiple emailing drivers (Log/Mailgun/SMTP)
• Ability to enforce creators identity verification
• Ability to disable right click on user posts
• Printable invoices for each transaction

• User settings

  1. Profile settings (username,name, bio, birhtdate, location, website)
  2. Account (Reset password)
  3. Wallet settings (Deposit & Withdraw)
  4. Payments settings (View transactions data & invoices)
  5. Rates settings (General price, bundles & offers)
  6. Subscriptions settings (View & manage subsriptions)
  7. Notifications settings
  8. Privacy settings (Set your profile to public or private)
  9. Verify identiy settings

• Fluent, mobile-first design (PWA App included)
• Light & Dark Themes – Easy to rebrand via SCSS vars.
• RTL/LTR & Translatable ready
• Advanced admin açık oturum (Over 90 different settings)
• Strong SEO practices (Sitemap, schema.org, Social media meta)
• GDPR & Cookies policy banner
• Unique, hand-drawn vector illustrations
• Social logins (Facebook, Twitter & Google)
• & so more..

Techs behind it
  • Backend powered by Laravel 6
  • Frontend powered by Bootstrap 4 & çağıl jQuery
  • Aditional 3rd party backend & frontend drivers

View full list of requirements over this documentation section.


[1/29/2022] v1.5.2

 * Redesigned 404 & 500 error pages, added new illustrations for both of them * Renamed "Site title" admin setting to "Site name" & fixed few usages of it across the platform * Added new "Site çarpıcı söz" admin setting, to be used in numerous places as short site description/çarpıcı söz * Fixed few currency symbol translation issues * Fixed the gallery next/prev slight misalignment issue on mobile * Removed extra spaces from set post price label & Made it save the post price on enter keypress * Different small bugfixes 

[1/28/2022] v1.5.1

 * Fixed the broken sticky menus & widgets from feed & profile on desktop variant 

[1/28/2022] v1.5.0

 * Added bottom navigation bar for mobile device to detriment of left sidebar * Redesigned messenger page layout, now contacts are shown on a left sidebar + Different messenger related tweaks * Numerous layout fixes over the Feed, Notifications, Bookmarks, Lists & Profile pages * Standardized all pages headers for both desktop & mobile device * Standardized all pages borders for more consistent layout * Fixed mobile listings issues over the Search > People page * Fixed few spacing issues over the feed cards * Fixed an issue with mobile layout sometimes extending the viewport more than the device * Added free profile follows to messenger suggested members dialog * Fixed a bug related to message member suggestions not being populated at times * Fixed a bug related to admins not being able to delete user in certain scenarios * Couple of SEO improvements, including fixed meta description for the homepage * Numerous translation fixes & tweaks * Numerous RTL fixes & optimizations * Database indexes optimizations * Different small bugfixes & cleanups 

[1/23/2022] v1.4.0

 * Added social login feature (Twitter, Facebook, Google), can be configured from the admin açık oturum * Fixed homepage responsiveness issue * Fixed the free profile follow/unfollow profile feature on the post page for free profiles * Fixed an access issue, forbidding comments & likes to free profiles content * Fixed the paginators buttons text misalignment * Different small bugfixes & UI tweaks 

[1/21/2022] v1.3.1

 * Added new email driver - Sendmail aka PHP mail() function * Fixed an issue with this homepage logos on Firefox browser * Fixed the Post page SEO title * Fixed paginators navigation buttons misalignment * Fixed a translations related bug & added few missing translations 

[1/19/2022] v1.3.0

 * Added Search Widget & Dedicated Search Page (Logged in, user can search their feeds while non-logged-in user can only search for public user) * Standardized all widgets design (over Feed, Profile, Search areas) * Fixed an admin bug related to missing setting fields descriptions * Fixed a database related bug, that was rarely occurring on certain hosting environments * Fixed a user messenger bug over the mobile ver * Made all secondary navigation panels have their text bolder * Fixed a feed UI bug related to some excessive margins * Fixed a UI bug over the homepage user cards username not being bold * Few translations related fixes & tweaks * Fixed a layout breaking bug, when navigating back to posting page, after sending a tip * Fixed a Profile page title typo * Added more info over the "Create post" area, so user know they be able to drag & drop file over the textarea * Different small bugfixes 

[1/12/2022] v1.2.0

 * Added Coinbase as new payment provider (Enabled for deposits, tips, post unlocks) * Added Webhooks & CronJobs setup info over admin settings area * Fixed a broken label over the installer's first step * Fixed few missing descriptions for some admin settings * Added a descriptive tooltip over the file's icon for the create post page * Improved cronjobs logging * Documentation updates * Different small bugfixes 

[1/10/2022] v1.1.5

 * Admin dashboard improvements (Added quick go-to links to common areas + Documentation links) * Added new Admin > Settings > Site setting that allows admins to hide the "Verify" page for creators from their user settings menu * Added new Admin > Setting > Feed setting to allow admins to skip empty profiles out of suggestions list (as in user with no avatars or covers) * Fixed the user wallet (deposit) page to only show up available payment providers * Fixed a typo for the feed suggestions widget title * Small wording changes around User > Rates settings labels to better indicate how prices should be set up * Small licensing system fix * Added an in-site embed 500 error page template * Documentation updates (Info on how to customize homepage, maintain custom versions, emails driver setup & more) 

[1/6/2022] v1.1.4

 * Fixed a bug related to SMTP driver admin configuration * Fixed an email template bug, breaking a couple of email implementations * Turned Taxes > Country field into a multiple select dropdown input * Made the 6 & 12 months subscriptions calculate the final prices over the profile page, instead of relying on creators to do so * Added validation over the locked posts price dialog, now allowing only sums bigger than $1 * Added license validation part of 1-click installer * Different small bugfixes 

[1/4/2022] v1.1.3

 * Added the user's ability to re-send verification messages (A new pop up özgü been added to user profile & account settings areas) * Added confirmation message when user are confirming their email addresses * Added verified badge for ID checked user, over suggestions slider & user profiles * Added enforced validation for storage driver settings, so admins won't be able to save empty settings in there. * Fixed the free profiles filter for the feed suggestions box * Fixed a bug related to emails not using the admin uploaded platform logo * Fixed a bug related to admin uploaded assets in certain Windows-based hosting servers * Fixed the size of user avatars over Admin > User area * Small UI related tweaks over the feed area 

[12/31/2021] v1.1.2

 * Fixed an issue related to avatars & covers broken links when served from Wasabi * Fixed an Admin > User save bug * Documentation updates (Added Wasabi setup info, Theming instructions & different tweaks) 

[12/30/2021] v1.1.1

 * Added an Admin > Settings > Ad spaces category, & 1 default ad space, for the right sidebar used on the feed & user profiles pages * Fixed a bug related to custom JS code not being included in page in some scenarios * Fixed a bug related to .wmv video file uploads * Small admin related UI tweaks * Small documentation tweaks & updates 

[12/29/2021] v1.1.0

 * Added "Free Profiles" capabilities, so now creators can have free accounts, while fans are able to unlock their content with just a "Follow" * Re-designed the messenger module mobile layout & Different messenger related fixes * Added an (admin) option of generating text-based assets watermarks (for including creator profile link) * Added an (admin) option of allowing user to be able to zoom in/out on assets galleries * Fixed an issue related to image watermarks when using custom storage drivers * Fixed a bug related to profile page list management dialog, showing incorrect number of members inside a list * Fixed few translation issues related to lists in general * Different small bugfixes 

[12/27/2021] v1.0.6

 * Made the user sidebar populate languages dropdown based provided locale file * Fixed the broken user admin save functionality & Different general admin side fixes * Fixed the broken .mkv video file upload * Fixed a bug related to user Identity Check feature * Different small bugfixes & cleanups 

[12/24/2021] v1.0.5

 * Added Wasabi storage driver * Made all platform dialog modals get vertically centered * Admin style consistency fixes & Few different tweaks * Different small bugfixes 

[12/21/2021] v1.0.4

 * Admin > Added a new setting that allows feed's suggestion slider widget to autoplay slides * Admin > Moved the currency symbol & code settings from the "Site" category to "Payments" * Admin > Added new "Custom CSS" & "Custom JS" settings, allowing admins to add custom tracking codes or style * Admin > Added setting that allows skipping the re-encoding of .mp4 video, saving upload time & CPU usage (Recommended use: OFF) * Admin > Added setting that allows admins to set maximum uploaded video length (in seconds) * Few UI fixes over the user payments & invoices areas. * Different small bugfixes 

[12/18/2021] v1.0.3

 * Fixed a validation bug for locked posts which was blocking payments for post unlocks under $5 * Fixed a bug for the copy link fallback function of share/copy link feature * Added new user info over it's profile (Location - Website URL - Join date) * Different small bugfixes 

[12/17/2021] v1.0.2

 * Fixed a messenger bug, that was skipping websokets connections at times * Fixed a client-side bug related to checkout window, occurring on certain server setups 

[12/16/2021] v1.0.1

 * Fixed an issue with this checkout dialog on the profile subscribe button * Fixed the feed suggestions slider ( was locked on 3 suggestions ) * Fixed the case where user would have been able to tip themselves * Fixed issues when running the platform on dark mode theme by default * Fixed a bug related to invalid usernames * Different small bugfixes 

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