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Modern Chat Rooms – Vue.js multimedia web chat application nulled


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Ever wanted a medium to quickly share funny gifs or video you find online? Modern Chat Rooms offers a çağdaş, single-page-app platform to chat with friend or stranger. Get started with this ready-made chat rooms app!

For the demo log in with user: john, pass: doe

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  • Vue.js ES6 frontend codebase, simple PHP backend
  • VERY FAST: many optimizations used for better UX eg smart caching or GPU powered animations
  • Cross-device: can be easily converted to native app
  • Auto-installer: quick step-by-step installation wizard
  • Regular free updates based your feedback
  • 5 stars rated support


  • Chat application with great UX
  • Admin user level that allows
    1. Creating/deleting rooms
    2. Banning user
    3. Giving different user admin rights
  • Message rate limiting per user
  • Password protected rooms
  • Multimedia preview for: image, youtube, vimeo, twitch, twitter, soundcloud

Use cases:

What can you use this for? Here are some use cases!

  • Self-hosted team chat app.
  • Chat rooms website where user can discuss on different topics
  • Mobile chat room app
  • Design brainstorming chat app where user can quickly share & view image for ideas/inspiration

Planned feature (will be added soon in next updates)

  • User profile personalization (avatar, bio)
  • Support for content & banner adsvertisement
  • Improve admin editing feature


  • PHP & MySQL support for the server hosting the chat back-end

Dev requirements

This is what you have to to edit/customize the Vue.js app.

  • Node.js 7.0+
  • Local XAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) server
  • If you like to convert it to a native mobile or desktop app u can use something like Cordova/PhoneGap/Coocoon.io/Electron


This app özgü just been released & is likely to have bugs & lack certain feature.
Updates will be frequent in first few-months after the publish date. If you encounter any bug or want to suggest a feature send an e-mail at [email protected].
While the app is still in this high active-development stage the price will be lower. After most issues have been fixed the price will slowly increase with each new update, so if you are considering purchase this script u can get it now at a lower price & take advantage of free lifetime updates.


Modern Chat Rooms - Vue.js multimedia web chat application - 1 MCR 1.0.2 (17 April 2017)

  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where on slow connections same messages will be requested multiple times.
  • UX improvements while messages are being loaded.

MCR 1.0.1 (16 April 2017)

  • NEW: Password protected rooms.
  • Bug fix: Make sure usernames are always displayed.
  • Few different bug fixes.

Quick note about how we manage our CodeCanyon item

Once we launch a new item we keep improving it based feedback, so if you buy an item as soon as it appears u will still be able to get for free all the latest versions (we will never create new item just because it is new & improved ver, we simply update this 1) & also if you ever want something included in a current item, simply send us an e-mail or post in comment section & we will do our best to include the feature you like.

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