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Free download OpenCart Super Analytics Conversions nulled

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OpenCart Super Analytics Conversions nulled


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UPDATE: Now works with OpenCart 2.2.x and 2.3.x!

UPDATE: Now supports Google AdWords Tracking and Bing Universal Event Tracking for Bing Ads!

• Use Google Analytics to track your site’s performance

• Reports each individual item sold, not just total transaction amount

• Works in all regions, with all payment types, and with all currencies

• Fully compatible with multi-currency and multi-store

• Now supports Bing Universal Event Tracking

• Track the effectiveness of individual Google AdWords and BingAds campaigns

• Set goals for transactions, revenue, visits, conversion rate, and much more

• Helps you fine tune your site flow and your marketing to increase sales

In today’s climate, it’s tough making your online store successful. It’s vital to be able to tell which promotional efforts are working and which aren’t. OpenCart Super Analytics Tracking gives you the tools you need to fine tune your efforts and prevent you from wasting your time and money.

OpenCart Super Analytics Tracking is an OpenCart plugin that allows you to leverage the power of Google’s free Analytics platform to maximize your sales.

Once installed, OpenCart Super Analytics Tracking will report every transaction on your OpenCart store to Google Analytics. Analytics will immediate begin tracking each sale. You’ll be able to see detailed information about which visitors are buying and which aren’t. You’ll be able to identify and correct barriers to conversions. You’ll be able to see what products each demographic is buying, and much much more.

Additionally, OpenCart Super Analytics tracking can optionally report conversions to Google AdWords and Bing Ads to help you determine which campaigns are working.

Is that banner ad campaign bringing in paying customers or just wasting money? Are your social media efforts paying off or is it a time sink? What is my conversion rate for organic search traffic and how does it compare to direct traffic? You’ll be able to answer all these questions and more with OpenCart Super Analytics Tracking.

Release History

• Fixes for OpenCart 2.2.x and 2.3.x

• Now supports Bing Universal Event Tracking

• Added OpenCart 2.0.x support
• Added Google AdWords and BingAds conversion tracking support

• Initial release

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