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PrivateContent – Files Manager add-on nulled


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Note: this is add-on. You must have recent PrivateContent ver to use it.

Any file you have to, totally safe!

The add-on fills the file missing area in PrivateContent ecosystem: is able to manage any file type you may need: from simple image to big Adobe file. Simultaneous introduces upload fields for PrivateContent registration & data-update forms, taking the user interaction to another level!

Each field can be tuned to accept very targeted elements: file types, sizes, maximum file number. Plus, special image-oriented options to require minimum & maximum sizes.

Obviously there’s also a restricted file section: create every folder (& subfolders) you may needstrong>, set restriction conditions & start uploading 100% safe file. Is also possible to set a download limit for each folder!

Here’s the complete feature list:

  • Restricted file
    • Unlimited folders / subfolders / file support
    • Each folder can have or inherit its restriction parameters
    • Each folder can have or inherit its downloads limit parameter
    • each file can have targeted restriction parameters
    • Swift file sorting & searching system
    • Files rename capability
    • Crypted link copy/paste for direct usage
  • User file
    • Unlimited upload fields to be used also in registration & data-update forms
    • File type, size, number validation
    • Specific image sizes validation
    • Admins can directly upload file through the user dashboard
  • File views
    • Unlimited views to show uploaded file (user or restricted ones)
    • 6 different layouts
    • Files pagination & live finder
    • Display targeted folders or upload fields or also targeted file collections
  • Support any file type
  • Downloads tracking through Google Analytics
  • Shortcode/block to restrict contents basing on targeted field (eg. show if user özgü got file into a field)
  • Newly uploaded file notification for user through Mail Actions add-on

Automatic Updates

To use a premium plugin often mean having to update it manually: losing time & teaching customer additional procedures.

Forget it. U can now seamlessly update LCweb plugins directly from Wordpress!

Online Documentation

Simply the fastest & best way to get started, always up to date.
Check it!


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– Please be sure your server allows direct folders/file creation, otherwise u will need FTP (or SSH) credentials
– Maximum file size depends on the value set by your hoster


U can find the changelog here

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