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Puffles – Pet Shop HTML5 Template nulled


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Flexible Pet Shop HTML5 Template

A pet shop HTML5 template is versatile tool for building an impressive website. These days, businesses heavily depend on their sites as mean of advertising. A stunning & properly built website is extremely important for any company’s success. For that reason, it is required for any site to look professionally designed. Although, developing a website from scratch is costly matter meaning that not every business can afford it.

That is why many companies choose HTML templates for their websites. Such solutions are reliable & affordable. Being based the Bootstrap 5 framework, a çağdaş HTML template simplifies the website building process. Moreover, HTML templates are highly customizable. If you are looking for flexible pet store website template, Puffles, our new website design solution is just what you have to. It is also a great choice for dog breeder or pet-sitting service provider.

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

 Pet Shop

Feature-Rich HTML5 Template for Pet Shop

The Puffles pet shop HTML5 template provide access to a clean & attractive design for your pet training site. Also, it comes with well-developed layout for all types of content. Moreover, this solution includes a variety of different advantages. For example, it support the flexbox grid system. Thanks to it, our website will be fully responsive. Besides, our template comes with wide variety of awesome feature, eg:

  • W3C valid coding;
  • SEO-ready & responsive layout;
  • Google Fonts;
  • SCSS & Pug file;
  • Cross-browser support.

Besides the abovementioned feature, our template provide a wide range of additional scripts & plugins. For example, Puffles includes sliders that showcase the feedback submitted by your customer. With this full-width header section, u can simplify the navigation. It also make your site more comfortable for the client looking for pet care services. The template is also eCommerce-ready as it includes a shop section & blocks. Using them, u can easily sell the products for pet online.

Customizable Website Template with Lots of Content

The pet shop HTML5 template also includes a wide variety of content blocks. They are perfect for posting news or describing your dog kennel team. Without any doubt, Puffles works flawlessly with all kinds of content. Even if you prefer image over video, our solution can help you build a content-rich website quickly. With wide range of blocks & sections offered by our template, it is easy to showcase your achievements, too.

If you have to to create unique look for your website, the Puffles pet shop HTML5 template can help as well. It comes with dozens of built-in blocks & elements that can help you make your website original. With various buttons, progress bars, & text elements, u can easily customize your website. & if you are developer, your possibilities are limitless. With this template, u can easily craft a website that meets your client’s expectations.

Multipage HTML5 Template for Pet Care Center

Puffles is also a multipage template. It mean that our pet shop HTML5 template comes with variety of pre-developed pages. They fit various purposes of çağdaş pet rescue & pet grooming websites. With them, u can describe various products & services in detail. These pages are also perfect for promoting pet sitting & dog grooming solutions. Moreover, our solution allows you to display photo & image from the life of your pet shop. & of course, u can stay connected with this customer of your dog training center via the contact page. The most notable pages of this HTML template include:

  • About Us;
  • Blog;
  • Shop;
  • Team Member;
  • Gallery;
  • Testimonials.

In case you are looking for more information about this pet shop template, we recommend you to check out its documentation. It describes how to work with static HTML templates in common. Moreover, it answer various questions about installing & managing such solutions. But if you have to more, u can always contact our support team for professional assistance with any of our templates. We also hope that our template portfolio will prove useful to you when you decide to work on your next online project.


Ver 1.2 – July 31, 2021

 * [upd] Bootstrap to 5.0.1; * [upd] Popper.js to 2.9.2; * [upd] Jquery to 3.6.0; * [fix] CSS style; * [fix] Minor Bug Fixes. 


Ver 1.0 – December 24, 2020

Initial release

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