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Gravity FormsRestrict Dates is Gravity Forms add-on that restricts user from selecting specific dates in your Gravity Biçim’s date picker field.

This add-on allows you to manage the date ranges & days in your biçim’s display by adding a custom date field in your Gravity Biçim.

Add-On Feature

  • This add-on give admin the ability to use 2 filters in DATE FIELD, namely, Minimum & Maximum date ranges.
  • Support setup & connection with multiple forms.
  • Allow or restrict user to select any future or past dates.
  • Limit by day of week – Restrict selectable days of week.
  • Specify exceptions for specific dates – Control availability for any date/day on the calendar.
  • Have the option to restrict dates & days. (Determine which days of week will be selectable for use)
  • Link dates with different predefined fields. (Any selected date can be used as comparative benchmark with another field date)
  • Easy-to-use – Manage settings with ease.
  • Automatically tell your user if their selection is valid or not.


How to configure the add-on settings

Step 1: Create biçim & select the “Date” option to add a date field. U will find this option under the ADVANCED FIELDS section.

Advanced fields restrict dates

Step 2: Once selected, go to date field settings.

Date Field Restrict dates Add On

Step 3: Navigate to “Date Field” section & click on the ADVANCED tab. See the screenshot below to see where u can find the Date Settings.

Advanced Date Settings select date

Step 4: Here, admin can set the Minimum Date, Maximum Date, & Days of Week according to their requirements.

Step 5: The Minimum & Maximum Date Settings will allow you to specify the beginning & ending dates inside the date field.

How to set a specific date

Under Date settings, u can set a specific date by selecting the said option in drop-down menu. Once the “Set Specific Date” option is selected, u can add the date you like in field next to menu (See the screenshot below.)

Set Specific Dates

U can set both the earliest (Min) & latest dates (Max) under DATE SETTINGS.

How to set the current date

U can set the earliest (Min) or latest date (Max) in current data field by selecting the “Current Date” option in drop-down menu.

Current Date

How to set the days of week

This setting allows you to restrict dates under certain criteria – restrict selectable days of week (e.g., Monday – Sunday).

By default, All days are valid. Uncheck the “All Days” option & proceed to select specific days to set your parameters.

All Days


If you like to add an exception date u can add by clicking the Add Exception button.

An exception works with both selectable dates & unselectable dates. If the expected date is selectable, it will now be unselectable. If the expected date is unselectable, it will now be selectable.

Restrict date addon

Front view screenshots

As we can see in screenshot below, the date field displays days from 7/22/2019.

The days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday are now disabled.

GravityMore Restrict dates Add on 1

See the screenshot below: The “10+ days” condition was executed in DATE FIELD. This mean that 10 more days were added after the current date. Furthermore, the days that we selected have now been disabled.

GravityMore Restrict dates Add on 2


Ver 1.1.9 Date : 12/10/2021 * Fixed - Check boxes update issues. * Fixed - Exception repetition issue. * Fixed - Multiple date fields check boxes update issue. * Fixed - Checkboxes update. * Fixed - Dates not restricting. * Fixed - .CSS file enqueue.
Ver 1.1.8 Date : 9/12/2020 * Added - "readonly" custom class for disabling the date field for prevent edit date manually.
Ver 1.1.7 Date : 17/09/2020 * Update = Tested upto WordPress 5.5.1. * Added - Classes for dynamic minimum date that reflects the date chosen in first date field.
Ver 1.1.6 Date : 13/08/2020 * Fixed removing & updating exception dates issue.
Ver 1.1.5 Date : 23/04/2020 * Fixed minor js error.
Ver 1.1.4 Date : 07/02/2020 * Added Exception Module.
Ver 1.1.3 Date : 19/12/2019 * Fixed an issue where the script to restrict dates was not loading under specific circumstances.
Ver 1.1.2 Date : 29/08/2019 * Fixed an issue where restrict dates settings were not showing when no-conflict mode was enabled in Gravity Forms. * Added compatibility with latest Gravity Forms 2.4.12
Version1.1.1.1 Date : 04/07/2019 * Fixed an issue where restrict dates settings were showing for all fields. * Fixed an issue where restrictions were not working for gforms gutten berg blocks.
Ver 1.1 Date : 02/07/2019 * Fixed an issue where weekdays & all days can be checked together. * Fixed an issue where the plugin was disturbing gravity forms admin style. * Added compatibility with latest Gravity Forms 2.4.10
Ver 1.0 Date : 20/03/2019 * Intial Release.

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