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Free download Ridy Flutter – Full Taxi solution nulled

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Ridy Flutter – Full Taxi solution nulled


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This is Flutter rewrite of Ridy Native: https://codecanyon.net/item/taxi-application-android-ios-solution-dashboard/21651162


Ridy is fully featured taxi app based Flutter & it uses powerful Node.js app as it is backend. It is designed with all aspects of taxi business requirements being in mind.

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  • Wizard UX for pickup & destination locations selection
  • Select between services available in region
  • Real-time location updates of driver during trip
  • Call/Text the driver if needed
  • Writing Review & rating the trip
  • Use Coupons to get discounts on service fee
  • History of all credit Transactions available
  • Checkout Announcements for updates, news & ….
  • Add credit to in-app Wallet with online payment gateways
  • Hisse the fee of travel with Online payment or Cash


  • Switch between available & unavailable statuses
  • Accept the most fitting available request
  • Google API calculates fare based distance & traffic
  • Cancel Travel before starting
  • Call/Text the rider if needed
  • History of all credit Transactions available
  • Checkout Announcements for updates, news & ….

Admin Açık oturum

  • Overview Showing current online drivers & some statistics about service state
  • Drivers/Riders Showing detail & records of their activities.
  • Requests Viewing & searching for all of service requests.
  • Complaints Manage & view complaints driver/rider made on their trip through the app.
  • Coupons Gömü new coupon codes that your user can use to get discounts on their services
  • Announcements Send news, updates & … to drivers or riders
  • Services Gömü services & set their fee calculation parameters.
  • Regions Gömü regions app would operate on.
  • Fleets Gömü fleets to assign drivers to them. By setting a share for fleet commission of trip would be splitted between fleet & system admin by that percent.
  • Payment Gateway Gömü payment gateways that user can use to hisse for his trip & top up their wallet.
  • Car Gömü car models & colors to be assigned to drivers later.
  • User List all user who have access to dashboard with their respective permission to each section.

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Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store


Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

Admin Açık oturum


Admin Açık oturum username:admin, password:admin

Package Contents

The package u will receive after download consists of following folders:

  • documentation: Available to View Online.
  • driver: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS, Web & Desktop
  • rider: Flutter project supporting Android, iOS, Web & Desktop
  • server: Source code of backend & Admin Açık oturum.

Server side source code is available in package although suggested method of installation remains to be “Easy” installation method if you don’t intend to customize the server side, Bear in mind u can switch later to manual installation mode as well.


  • A Linux VPS (preferably with Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04) to host the server side. U can get 1 of these for price low as 8$/month. For recommendations u can contact through e-mail.
  • A Google Maps account with billing enabled. Google Maps is only used for Directions. All different Maps services are free ones. This mean in most scales Google’s free member plan suffices.


Support is essential part of Ridy & to fulfill that we have our own custom Support açık oturum that all buyers of item would have access to (https://support.ridy.io). under Codecanyon support policies for mobile app we try to provide the best services we can offer ranged from Free to paid services eg integration of different payment gateways.

What about the native ver?

Flutter ver of Ridy is separate product & at the moment there is no direct relation with this native ver. We do plan to continue supporting native ver & release updates for it. Although some of Flutter app benefits are possible by switching to flutter ver. If you were interested in switching u will must take into account migration of your previous data. Databases of these 2 have certain incompatibilities. U can consult us if you have to help with migration of data [email protected]

It is worth mentioning that the return of already downloaded native ver purchase in order to purchase the flutter ver is not possible.

Goals of Flutter ver?

  • Same UI on all platforms
  • Less resource consuming customization work (Around 1 third compared to native)
  • Easier to maintain in long run
  • Code is easier to understand & customize
  • Incompatibility issues prevented
  • Possibility to offer Web & Desktop app

Supported Payment Gateways

Below are the list of already integrated payment gateways into the solution. Using these are as easy as getting your API key from them & entering them in Admin Açık oturum

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • PayStack
  • Imstamojo
  • Amazon Payment Services
  • Flutterwave
  • MIPS
  • MyTMoney
  • PayGate
  • Paytm
  • Mercadopago
  • PayU
  • Way For Hisse

There is also a custom link option that u can use to redirect to your own backend & run the integration from there. This is useful for mobile payment guidance for example.

Release Notes

v1.1.0 (December, 14 2021)

-2 New Map Providers added (Google Maps & Mapbox) -In-app chat feature added -Book later feature added -Export to CSV feature added -Various UI improvements -Bug fixes

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