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RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery nulled


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Royal Slider is easy to use jQuery image gallery & content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout & touch support for mobile device. As navigation u can use thumbnails, tabs or bullets. Use it as image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation. Developed in best practises of HTML5, CSS3 transitions are used for all animations (with fallback).

v9.5.9, see changelog | Support forum | WordPress plugin

Royal Slider is focused on performance, accessibility, stability & providing best experience for user with any device. It doesn’t have dozen of fancy transition effect, but types that it özgü work as fast & as smooth as current day technology allows. Script modular architecture allows you to exclude the parts that you don’t need from the main JS file to optimize it even more.

Plugin is used by top agencies & brands global, view list of real world usage examples on demo site.

RoyalSlider Feature

  • Touch navigation support for iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, IE10, IE11, Blackberry & different OS & browsers that support touch or pointer events.
  • Absolutely any HTML content in each slide & each thumbnail (or tab).
  • Smart lazy loading – loads nearby image in background, so user don’t need to wait each time & image are available instantly. You may set how much image to preload in options. Can be disabled.
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
  • Full-screen feature with native HTML5 fullscreen support. Perfect for photo gallery where you like to show high-resolution photography.
  • Memory management – keeps only few slides in display list.
  • YouTube & Vimeo video in slides.
  • Deep-linking – link to specific slide from URL.
  • Adjustable speed, transition & easing for each caption or slide.
  • Static content for each slide is allowed. View demo with static content.
  • Animated HTML captions with custom effect (fade, move top, move right…).
  • Move or fade transition for slides.
  • All starter templates are responsive down to mobile. Thumbnails & slides can be dynamically resized..
  • Slides with speed of swipe.
  • Ability to remove drag navigation using mouse.
  • SEO optimized & semantic, image are indexable, completely any tag names for markup, captions can use any tag you like (“h1”, “h2”, “p”…).
  • Auto slideshow with optional pause on hover.
  • Public methods, properties & callbacks (go to slide, play slideshow e.t.c.). Includes methods to dynamically add or remove slides.
  • Set start slide index & spacing between slides.
  • Slider can be put inside lightbox script, like Magnific Popup. View slider in lightbox example.
  • Can be easily loaded using ajax, özgü destroy() method.
  • Customizable interface (add/remove arrows, bullets).
  • Thumbnails, Tabs or bullets for navigation.
  • Physics-based touch thumbnails image scroller that can be placed anywhere on page & container any HTML content inside.
  • Thumbnails can be positioned vertically or horizontally & can be resized separately from slider.
  • Multiple sliders allowed on 1 page.
  • Custom scale mode for image – fit into area, fit into area only if image is smaller, fill area.
  • Compatible with all major browsers (including IE7 to IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera)
  • Photoshop (.psd) file of skins included.
  • Any HTML content can be placed inside slide.
  • Extended HTML documentation.
  • You may ask a question on support forum about implementation, note that support doesn’t include installation or customization service.
  • Updates are free forever.

Real world examples of usage

All slider designs listed here are custom-designed & are copyrighted by their authors. List includes slideshow created both by HTML & WordPress ver of Royal Slider.

View full list →

View slider demo on your mobile device

RoyalSlider demo qr code

What are buyers saying:

“We use Royalslider for the website of our iPhone/iPad game Gluddle. We’re very impressed by out-of-the-box possibilities that this plugin offers & we’re very happy with it, as our site looks great on all iOS device as well as the regular browsers. Great functionality & very stable plugin!”

“I’m using the stand-alonge ver on my portfolio for the full-browser slideshow on my case studies. 1 of best & most well-documented plugins I’ve ever used.”

“Fantastic slider though. Very easy to use & style. I started off using anythingslider & it was far to complex for everything i wanted it to do. This slider does it all with ease.”

“Wow I am loving this slider. I’m a novice at coding & this app is well documented & easy implement compared to different products. Great Job.”

U can find more reviews from real buyers in comments page.

Image in preview: notsogoodphotography, Gilderic Photography, Stuck in Customs & Wikipedia open image license.

Image are not included in purchase.

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