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Slick Modal – CSS3 Powered Popups nulled


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Slick Modal jQuery & CSS3 Powered Popups

Slick Modal Popup is great way to display your message. U can insert any code or layout inside it, let it be banners, newsletter signups, contact forms, special offer display, image, galleries, iframe, video, maps & any element. Display your popup content more effectively & with style.

Packed with over 60+ settings, 30+ transitions & 40+ popup demos

Slick Modal Popup comes with wide range of available options, which let’s you create unlimited combinations & achieve eye catching effect for your messages easily & without any special coding knowledge. It is also packed with over 40 pre made quick start demos.

  • 60+ plugin options
  • 40+ popup demo templates
  • 30+ CSS3 animations
  • 9 popup positions
  • Popup settings generator
  • Animate popup, overlay & content
  • Page background effect
  • Delayed, exit & scrolling type
  • Auto closing feature
  • Date range restriction
  • Hide on specific pages
  • Show after X visits
  • Draggable popup window
  • Load content via Ajax
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Redirect visitor on popup close
  • Sticky pullout option
  • Public API supported
  • 8 callbacks
  • Mobile configuration
  • Open popup via URL hash
  • Cookie settings & restrictions
  • Set custom body & popup class
  • Additional advanced plugin settings
  • jQuery powered plugin

Popup Settings Generator ᴵⁿᶜˡᵘᵈᵉᵈ

Popup Settings Generator with Live Preview help you build your new awesome popup quickly in matter of minutes.

Popup’s for any events & occasion

Slick Modal can be used for any purpose – from displaying newsletter biçim to your favorite video. Use it for:

  • Signup forms
  • Contact & feedback forms
  • Newsletter signup biçim
  • Popup banners & adsvertisement
  • Image showcase
  • Navigation’s & buttons
  • Special notifications & messages
  • Events, calendars & notes
  • Video & maps
  • Any iframe, embed or object element
  • or any different elements …

Easy to use & customize

  • Clean design & commented code
  • Easy to install & set the options you have to
  • Easy to customize to fit your design & layout
  • Lightweight & cluster free
  • HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery powered
  • Detailed documentation for assistance

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Slick Modal popup changelog:

ver 5.0

 - [NEW] Pullout Price List demo - [NEW] Pullout Footer demo - [NEW] Spin Wheel demo - [NEW] Privacy settings demo - [NEW] Added new slideIn animation effect - [NEW] Reverse animations for most of effect - [NEW] Date range for popup visibility - [NEW] Show popup after X visits - [NEW] Draggable popup window - [NEW] Custom popup class when popup is active - [NEW] Custom body class when popup is active - [NEW] Activate popup with click or hover on defined element - [NEW] Load html content via Ajax on popup initialization - [NEW] Close popup when user scroll's back up or leave it open - [NEW] Set opening of exit popup to always or just once - [NEW] Style popup & overlay with own custom CSS properties - [NEW] Set fixed or auto height of popup - [NEW] Hide on pages with regex pattern matching - [NEW] Close button left or right position - [NEW] Close button placement inside or outside popup - [NEW] Close button custom text - [NEW] Redirect user on URL upon closing the popup - [NEW] Enable sticky button which reopens the popup - [NEW] Callback before & after popup init/build - [NEW] Callback before & after popup is opened - [NEW] Callback after popup is visible - [NEW] Callback before & after popup close - [NEW] Callback after popup is hidden - [NEW] Plugin api/public methods - [BUG] Fixed exit popup which was not working in Edge & MSE - [BUG] Prevent default action when links are used to open the popup - [BUG] Prevent multiple instances showing simultaneously - [BUG] Transitions timing correction - [UPDATE] Complete plugin rewrite & performance optimization - [UPDATE] Demos optimization - [UPDATE] Removed Slick Statistics due to preferable usage of 3rd party analytics - [UPDATE] Removed video support due to more efficient usage of official API's (Youtube ......) - [UPDATE] New documentation * Note: To upgrade please reinstall the plugin completely as the new ver is not backwards compatible. 

ver 4.4

 - UPDATED: Fixed conflicts with different plugins (for example: animate.js) - UPDATED: Defined default values for plugin settings - UPDATED: Removed unused plugin options within the demos - UPDATED: Removed overflow inside the modal - UPDATED: Plugin performance optimization - UPDATED: Documentation - BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when clicking Preview button in generator which blocked input focus afterwards - BUGFIX: Autoclose timer reset upon closing the modal - BUGFIX: Different minor plugin bugfixes 

ver 4.3

 - NEW: Option to open popup directly via url - NEW: Sticky SlideIn Banner demo - UPDATED: Overflow inside the modal - UPDATED: Documentation 

ver 4.2

 - NEW: Added new modal effect - NEW: Added new overlay effect - NEW: Added new page/background effect - NEW: Events calendar demo - NEW: Testimonials rotator demo - NEW: Promo banner demos - NEW: Image gallery demo - NEW: Welcome message demo - NEW: Alert message demos - NEW: Quick view demo - NEW: Audio player demo - NEW: Content window demo - UPDATED: Main plugin file optimization (css & js) - UPDATED: Popup generator optimization - UPDATED: Statistics plugin minor update - UPDATED: Documentation - NOTE: If your are using ver prior 4.2 please update all the main file (css in js) & the plugin settings/options as some settings names have been changed & new options have been added within the plugin. 

ver 4.1

 - NEW: Products carousel demo - NEW: Dropdown menu demo - NEW: Overlay menu demo - NEW: Coupon code popup demo - NEW: Survey biçim popup demo - NEW: Search biçim popup demo - NEW: HTML5 animated banner popup demo - NEW: Next post popup demo - UPDATED: Demos optimization - UPDATED: Main plugin minor fixes - UPDATED: Popup generator update - UPDATED: Statistics plugin update - UPDATED: Documentation 

ver 4.0

 - NEW: Slick Modal statistics plugin - NEW: Live popup generator - NEW: Option to auto close the popup - NEW: Option to show/hide the popup on mobile/custom resolutions - NEW: Contact biçim demo with field validation - NEW: All demos are now responsive - UPDATED: Plugin optimisation & update - UPDATED: Updated to jQuery 3.x - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 3.8

 - NEW: Added new demos - UPDATED: Exit popup bugfix 

ver 3.7

 - NEW: Added mobile options - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 3.6

 - NEW: Added new demo - UPDATED: Exit type bug fix - UPDATED: Performance optimization - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 3.5

 - NEW: ESC key can close the modal & set a cookie to hide it - NEW: Youtube video can be autoplayed & stopped on modal close - NEW: Hide the modal on specific pages on the website - NEW: Choose if the overlay closes the modal - NEW: On modal load & close events - NEW: Animate popup inner content separately - NEW: Cookie scope can now be set on domain or certain page - NEW: Added 13 new transition effect (28 total) - NEW: Added new button style - NEW: Added Top bar countdown - UPDATED: Complete plugin rewrite & update - UPDATED: Performance optimization (both js & css) - UPDATED: Fixed exit popup, so it opens only when user moves the mouse upwards - UPDATED: Fixed overlay issue, which wasn't correctly disabled - UPDATED: Fixed the modal centering when choosing certain positions - UPDATED: Fixed potential conflicts with different scripts & stylesheets - UPDATED: Different minor various fixes & improvements - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 3.4

 - NEW: Added new demos (Social share, Cookie notices, Special countdowns, Facebook page) - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 3.3

 - NEW: Added new demos (Multiple popups, Background image, Panorama view & Random stats) - NEW: Popup can now be set to show only on pages that contain certain string in url - UPDATED: Updated documentation & refreshed the content, specially FAQ, Tips & Tricks & some definitions 

ver 3.0

 - NEW: Added responsive modal demo - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 2.8

 - NEW: Added common demo layouts - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 2.3

 - NEW: Added exit & scroll popup types - NEW: Added new background effect - NEW: Added option to set custom cookie name - NEW: Added option to set session cookie - NEW: Now u can have multiple popups on the same page - NEW: Additional 10+ various plugin options - NEW: All functional options are now avaliable via plugin settings, - NEW: All styling options are now avaliable via plugin settings, - NEW: Added common demos/layouts for help, - UPDATED: Plugin optimization - UPDATED: Code optimization - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 2.2

 - UPDATED: change on load to document ready plugin invoke, which will call the plugin earlier - UPDATED: updated documentation 

ver 2.0

 - NEW: Advanced options are now a jQuery plugin - NEW: Added new transition: blur - UPDATED: Plugin optimization - UPDATED: Updated documentation 

ver 1.0

 - Initial release 

Slick Popup notes:

Slick Modal needs jQuery library & a çağıl browser with support of HTML5 & CSS3 to work properly. The item is not a plugin/extension for CMS (eg Wordpress) so it can't be installed nor configured via administration - it needs to be installed manually. Item package doesn't include some graphic & image which are shown on the item preview/demo page & within the demos. Included demo popups which are shown on the item preview/demo page are layout's for demonstration purposes only & serve as quick start templates that don't necessary provide a complete functionality (for example: newsletter biçim doesn't save/submit emails, contact biçim doesn't send emails, mini cart doesn't interact with actual products or update real shopping cart, login biçim doesn't actually log's in user in system ......). All the additional functionality of demo(s) is left for implementation from buyers side & it's not supported by plugin author. Popup Settings Generator is currently in Beta stage & it might produce bugs or unexpected behaviour. Some options & functions cannot be previewed via popup settings generator (for example: mobile settings, hide on pages, video settings...).

Author of Slick Modal – CSS3 Powered Popups nulled


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