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Free download SmartEnd CMS for multipurpose & real estate with Restful API nulled

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SmartEnd CMS for multipurpose & real estate with Restful API nulled


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SmartEnd CMS is distinctive admin dashboard (control açık oturum) with all options you may need to build any type of websites, built will Laravel 6.0 powerful framework, It contains Frontend site preview & flexible Restful API. Open source code can be updated easily with good documentation & tips that will help you.


Dashboard Feature:

  • A perfect & stylish dashboard with 4 different colors & style.
  • Responsive Admin Açık oturum.
  • 2 Languages ( English & Arabic ).
  • 2 directions LTR & RTL.
  • Laravel 6.0 powerful Framework.
  • Secure dashboard with login access & reset password functionality.
  • A webmaster permission to mange site sections & main feature.
  • Dashboard with quick overview of all the modules.
  • All general settings u will need for any website.
  • Dynamic website sections, pages & categories.
  • Multi Login feature with Facebook ,Twitter, Google, LinkedIN, Github, Bitbucket.
  • Control google Tags & Analytics control in dashboard.
  • Control activate/Deactivate captcha from dashboard.
  • Control Email settings control in dashboard.
  • Ability to clear cache feature.
  • Ability to add additional custom fields to any section (CRUD).
  • Automatic sitemap generator (/sitemap.xml or /sitemap/en).
  • SEO settings & ability to activate friendly URLs.
  • Multi categories choosing for every topic.
  • Related topics tab for every topic.
  • Ability to activate/disable registration feature for the dashboard.
  • Every section fields & feature management.
  • Adding ability to activate expire date with topics of any section.
  • Adding ability to activate attaching more file with any topic.
  • Text editor for every page.
  • Multi upload module to upload bulk of photo.
  • Google map module to add multi maps in pages.
  • SEO module for every page & section to help improve your website.
  • Icon picker to choose icons for categories & pages.
  • Additional fields for Arabic language can be activated.
  • Control activate or deactivate APPs for dashboard.
  • Search engine to search any where in dashboard.
  • 1 place (Menu) to add every thing in your website.
  • Categories & subcategories management.
  • Banners & sliders management.
  • Powerful inbox will ability to connect your webmail.
  • Multiple reports with graphical illustrations.
  • Notifications with new emails & events.
  • User Permission Control.
  • Visual Translations.

FrontEnd Feature:

  • All feature of SmartEnd script is available.
  • Demo preview photo not included.
  • Responsive Bootstrap Flat Design.
  • 2 Languages ( English & Arabic ).
  • 2 directions RTL & LTR.
  • Ability to control style settings & colors.
  • Ability to control logo,fav icon, backgrounds.
  • Dynamic menus & pages.
  • All topics type: text pages, photo, video add audios.
  • Multi maps & locations with every topic
  • Multi Photo with every topics.
  • Enable/Disable Comments.
  • Get all topics for every user.
  • Search Engine in all site sections.
  • Enable/Disable Order biçim for every topic.
  • Topic detail format with advanced text editor.
  • Multi categories with Fontawesome icons.
  • Ajax forms for contact page, newsletter subscribe, comments & orders.
  • Ability to enable or disable Captcha.
  • Multi places for Ad Banners.
  • Home page slide show banners
  • Latest topics on home page
  • Control all social links.
  • Share script for : facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin & pintrest.
  • Visits counter for every page.
  • Most Viewed for every section.
  • 2 style for footer.
  • Enable/Disable newsletter subscription biçim.
  • Enable/Disable Pre loader.


Installation Guide:
User Guide:
API Documentation:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via contact biçim here:


Our Guarantee

  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate.
  • Patch & fix any bugs or broken content.
  • Help get you setup & installed!
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Project folder contents:

  • _documentation
  • _demo_data
  • _Requirements.txt
  • smartend


February 27, 2020

- Update: To latest Laravel ver 6.0 (Requires PHP >= 7.2.0). - Urgent: Add htaccess file to protect /core file from direct access. - Fix: Topics list in front from multi categories. - Fix: External links start with (www) in main menu. - Fix: Resolve compact errors with php v7.3. - Fix: Resolve str_limit errors with php v7.3. - Fix: Receive orders in order group in web mail. - Fix: Changing contacts status. - Update: improve visitors analytics generation. - Update: hide user name of topics from front totally. - Feature: Control Google maps api key from dashboard. - Feature: Enable sending attachment with emails from web mail. - Feature: Change topics ordering (ASC/DESC) from front settings. - Feature: Order,comment & contact forms auto detect logged user info. - Feature: Order,comment & contact forms auto detect logged user info. - Feature: Convert latest articles to be in a slider. 

September 02, 2019

- Update: reCAPTCHA to latest ver. - Fix: Installer warning in local machine. - Fix: Slider banner title in case no description. - Fix: Google maps URL if HTTPS is enabled. 

July 20, 2019

 - Update to latest Laravel ver 5.8 (Requires PHP >= 7.1.3). - Update file to be FULL custom ver of SmartEnd CMS. 

May 18, 2018

 - Update to latest ver of SmartEnd dashboard feature. 

April 23, 2018

 - Update to latest ver of SmartEnd dashboard feature. - Change Arabic fonts. 

January 18, 2018

Resolve: CSS/JS Paths bug while running on local machine.

December 15, 2017

Release of this script on Codecanyon.

Author of SmartEnd CMS for multipurpose & real estate with Restful API nulled


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