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Free download Soccer Match (HTML, CAPX) nulled

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Soccer Match (HTML, CAPX) nulled


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This game of three in a row, in which you have to put the flag icons of the same team in a series of three people or more to reach the maximum possible score, be careful to count the scale to the left don’t fall below, Otherwise, the game will always be.

the game is made to a pretty style of team flags, made with construct2.
Enjoy the game, & enjoy yourself.

Full game.
One-Touch Manage.
Easy to Reskin.
Easy to add content.
Easy to change source.
Touch & mouse.
Sound Fx.
High resolution: 1920×1080px.
Online support 24/7.
Code knowledge isn’t require.
Including the Constuct 2 (.capx? All source) file.

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