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Free download Social Network – Working social networking app (Android) nulled

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Social Network – Working social networking app (Android) nulled


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Have you ever wanted to according to your own creation social network like Instagram or Facebook? Launching a project that can accumulate thousands of user in one place? (iOS version with even more features available here)

The Android Social Network Template Complete App is the best solution you can find in the market to make your own Social Network.

Photo posting feature

You will find every main feature a social network should have in this project, even a photo crop functionality so that your photos always fit perfectly into the feed.

Built-in Follower-system

If you need to know where your friends are & what they are doing, just follow them, so you can see magical photos from their adventures, no matter where you are.

Push notifications & custom feeds

With activity system, you don’t miss anything because you get notified of any like & comment on your post. & in case you absolutely wanna show a photo to your friend or simply wanna answer to a comment, you can mention your friends, just as you’re used to it.

Here is download link for the demo available in the PlayStore.

Pls note

This project is the android version of the iOS Social Network project. It works with exact same backend as the iOS version, so you are able to use them both together. Just like the iOS version, this Android version uses back4app with a Parse Server as Firebase as backends, with relatively same data structure. This means that your iOS user will see the posts of the Android user & vice versa. This Android version has few less features than the iOS version. In detail: it does not have a chat functionality, nor an image editing functionality, nor does it have pure text posts. We plan, however, to implement these features in the future so that both the iOS & the Android version have the same set of features. Until then, we will reflect the lack of these distinct features with a price drop.

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