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Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed nulled


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Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed for Wordpress

Use facebook as your news feed on your wordpress website. Grab the attention from your visitor & let them share your facebook posts to twitter, linkedin or lead them to your facebook account so they be able to follow you for more exposure.


At this moment app made on the facebook developers website needs to be reviewd. Since the cambridge scandal facebook continues to update their API so at his moment the proces how to get APP ID & Token changes from time to time.
The most simple method is to get PAGE TOKEN through my app

Click here for my app to create a token, you have to to enter you are purchase code & then click on the GET A FACEBOOK TOKEN

Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed - 1 Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed - 2


U can only use pages if you are an admin of that page. To test if your facebook page can be used try here https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/ & change me in your facebook name or page ID.

Standalone PHP OOP class ver can be found here

  • Colors for the icons, fonts & links will be set from your theme which you are using so it looks like a native plugin.
  • 2 different layouts are possible & can be set in admin.
  • All posts are set to rich snippets for better SEO

Live preview real customer on my own website (custom cms) ,a pianotuning website

Video demo on youtube

Works great on mobile mobile phones & for the image it uses lazyload to speed things up
(when scrolling down the high res image will appear)
Also the json feed will be cached so it won’t slow down your website. The cache time can be set in admin or with shortcode


Minimum PHP ver 5.3.0

Key Feature

  • Colors are automatic (Links & icons) set based your theme
  • Use your facebook as your news item for more exposure
  • Any facebook administrator can then update the facebook posts
  • Looks great on mobile device
  • Plays inline youtube
  • Translate time in your own language
  • Auto readmore for long text
  • All post are set to rich snippets for better search engine optimalisation
  • Support Arabic, Persian & Hebrew languages (right to left)



Some reviews

“Worked out of box – from purchase to finish with installation was less than 15 minutes. Using it with Udesign theme. It was very easy to connect with FB. Great plugin!.” – carricdesign

“This is 1 of best plugins I have purchased from Code Canyon. Very easy to install & set up…& it does exactly what it says it will do with no problems, errors, or conflicts.” – neruda

“I have been looking for this kind of plugin for so long…. Free plugins are not great, while some different paid plugins are too complicated. I just wanted the FaceBook feed & I have it. Plugin installed without issue & I like the fact that I was able to translate the wording into my language (http://my.cutecoolkids.com/sojef) Great plugin.” – michelgerard

“Works good, thank you! ” – Smoge

“great plugin awesome support” – myprintplus

“great plugin & great support !!.” – LucaPuggioniWebDesign

“This plugin is awesome! Very clean design & support was on it too. It doesn’t work for restricted pages in different Countries (at least out of box) but I don’t know why we were restricting different Countries anyway. Great plugin experience for me personally.” – Seaside6


Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed


Ver 6.3 - Changed News Filter disable to show posts with image & no text & keep the rich snippets (may 19 2022)
Ver 6.2 - Updated to facebook APi 13.0 , fix rich snippet & small css fix (apr 9 2022)
Ver 6.1 - Removed facebook video's since te iframe is not working anymore on mobile (facebook restriction & policy) (oct 31 2021)
Ver 6.1 - Updated to facebook API 12.0, fixed facebook video's mobile & added new option to set an fixed height for the image. To update overwrite all file, deactivate the plugin & activate again. (oct 30 2021)
Ver 6.0 - Updated to facebook API 10.0 (apr 26 2021)
Ver 6.0 - Fixed playback facebook video's on mobile & desktop (jan 5 2021)
Ver 6.0 - Fixed embedded youtube (dec 2 2020)
Ver 6.0 - Added LinkedIn share button (oct 15 2020)
Ver 6.0 - Fixed share buttons (oct 11 2020)
Ver 6.0 - Updated to facebook API 8.0 & added security to links rel: noopener noreferrer (oct 08 2020)
Ver 5.0 - Updated to facebook API 6.0 & fixed some rich snippets errors (mar 24 2020)
Ver 4.0 - Added support for embedded Spotify in posts, lazyload for all iframe's in posts & nocookie url youtube (dec 29 2019)
Ver 4.0 - Removed the share to linkedin (since that doesn't work anymore) & added a share to pinterest link (oct 25 2019)
Ver 3.2 - Updated to facebook API 5.0 & if you use a Pagetoken the name from the comments will be shown (oct 14 2019)
Ver 3.1 - Added default image if image is missing from the posts (oct 14 2019)
Ver 3.1 - Updated to facebook API 4.0 & fixed broken template in case of an error (sep 19 2019)
Ver 3.1 - Fixed some notices & added support for soundcloud & vimeo (may 10 2019)
Ver 3.0 - Updated to facebook API 3.3, so many changes özgü been made (may 09 2019)
Ver 2.6 - Removed share to google plus (mar 09 2019)
Ver 2.6 - Fix for bug from the facebook API (jan 31 2019)
Ver 2.6 - Changed the rich snippets to newsarticle (dec 09 2018)
Ver 2.6 - Added option to use an Acces token instead of an App ID & App Secret (oct 24 2018)
Ver 2.5 - Updated to api 3.1, fixed embedded video (aug 27 2018)
Ver 2.4 - Updated to api 2.12, updated curl for slower servers & solved some missing fields problems (feb 28 2018)
Ver 2.3 - Since in API 2.11 (November 7, 2017) I cannot retrieve the name biçim the comments, so I removed the name from the comments if API 2.11 is used (but still will get the message from the comments), also I made all profile image rounded the same way facebook does (nov 19 2017)
Ver 2.2 - changed the lazyload to blazy.js for more speed. Also skipped the small preview image for more speed & removed the youtube API (oct 28 2017)
Updated to api 2.10 (sep 28 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.9 (jun 6 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.8 & fixed missing image with shared event (apr 12 2017)
Ver 2.1. Updated to facebook API 2.7 & changed the html5 video into the embedded facebook video player (oct 4 2016)
Ver 2.0. Updated to facebook API 2.6 & changed the json call, improved rich snippets & added comments on comments (may 5 2016)
Fixed start stop youtube iframe & fixed ShowImages true or false (feb 23 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.5 (jan 21 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.4 (jul 30 2015)
Ver 1.6 added share to facebook button. It checks for the facebook sharing if the post is link, a video or an image (may 28 2015)
Ver 1.5 Fixed if image in shared post does not exists & check if comments are empty (may 03 2015)
Ver 1.4 Check if there are RTL character (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) then set dir="rtl" (apr 30 2015)
Ver 1.3 Added soundcloud support, updated to API 2.3 & small bug fix facebook if posts are double (apr 24 2015)
Ver 1.2 Added option to remove the timeline (see third example Intrepid Travel on the demo) (mar 28 2015)
Ver 1.1 Fixed loading highres image for facebook video's (mar 09 2015)
Ver 1.1 Updated API to 2.2 & updated settings text (febr 11 2015)
Ver 1.1 Removed js & css from the admin pages (nov 30 2014)
Added css word-wrap for long links (nov 29 2014)
Added debug for facebook url testing, see admin help tab (nov 11 2014)
First 1.0 release (sep 28 2014)

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