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StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme nulled


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StreamTube – Ver 1.2.1 is out now


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  • Editor role: andrew/1234
  • Author role: amanda/1234
  • Subscriber role: baron/1234

Documentation: https://streamtube.org/documentation/

Sharing your favorite video online, Uploading your own work to broadcast across the web or building a Video Sharing & Upload website with multiple authors? StreamTube is here for you.

StreamTube is suitable for vlogs, news, gaming, multiple authors platform & review websites. The clean design support beautiful video. it özgü built-in feature to help your website stand out among the crowd to drive traffic & grow an audience.

StreamTube comes with feature that turn your WordPress website into a professional video website, make it easy to upload all kinds of video for your website. It özgü feature that make it look amazing on any device, from mobile phones to desktops.

StreamTube is sleek business-focused video WordPress theme, perfect for anyone from bloggers to online video teachers to product marketers.

StreamTube comes with Google Analytics Reports which provide daily & monthly statistics as well as Google search results, U can create amazing video sites with Analytics Reports to see how your user are engaging with your content.

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 1

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 2

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 3

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 4

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 5

Are you looking for way to encode video in WordPress? If so, you have come to right place, We are proud that we have built a special feature: Automatic Encode Video, StreamTube can encode your video into HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) using FFmpeg software & allow visitors to embed your video on different websites, it works like how you embed the Youtube video on your website.

StreamTube also make it is easy to embed Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo video, & different websites that support oEmbed protocol or Iframe code.

Front-End User Dashboard is next powerful feature that allows your members to manage their posts, manage comments as well as update profiles without accessing into WordPress backend.

& more.

StreamTube - Video Streaming WordPress Theme - 6

Feature List

  1. Fullwidth & Boxed Layouts
  2. 8 premade homepages
  3. 3 single video templates
  4. Bootstrap 5
  5. Video.js player
    Video.js is çağıl video player for delivering high-performance video to browsers, it is lightweight video player that uses the HTML5 Video tag, CSS3 transitions, it is designed for cross-browser compatibility on any device including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  6. Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) is supported, enable advertising on your video content, works on StreamTube’s built-in player, support Adsvertisement from Google Ad Manager, the Google AdSense network, or any VAST-compliant ad server.
  7. Member list
  8. Responsive Design
    Fully responsive & beautifully designed
  9. Post Review
    Built-in Review System with unlimited criteria (Demo)
  10. Embed Video
    Easily embed youtube video & different video websites eg Vimeo, Dailymotion
  11. Self Hosted Video File supported
    Allows your user the ability to upload their own video file.
  12. Automatic Video Thumbnails
    Automatic generates video thumbnail image, support Youtube, Vimeo & the Self-Hosted video file.
  13. Automatic Video Encoding
    Automatic encode your video file to HLS format using FFmpeg
  14. Video Encryption
  15. Front End Posting
  16. Front End User Dashboard
    Allows your user the ability to manage their video, comments as well as updating their profiles.
  17. Custom Avatar
    Allow user to upload their own avatar
  18. Custom Profile Photo
    Allows user to upload their own profile photo
  19. Beautiful User Profile
  20. User Following
    allows user to follow each different.
  21. Post Like Button
    easily allow your members to like video & manage their liked video.
  22. AJAX Comment System
    StreamTube support AJAX loading of comment sections making it is a çağıl & unique WordPress theme, let your members leave comments while watching the video.
  23. Infinite Loading
  24. Dark/Light mode
    Easily turn on dark or light mode.
  25. Eye Catching Slider
  26. RTL Ready
    Designed with RTL languages support.
  27. Elementor Page Builder
    With StreamTube u can build perfect page layouts with Elementor, the popular drag-&-drop page builder plugin for WordPress.
  28. Woocommerce Ready
    Enable the ability to manage Orders, Downloads & Addresses on the user dashboard page.
  29. bbPress Ready
  30. Google Site Kit Reports
    Enable reports for member dashboard.
  31. Content Restriction
    Enable the ability to set which user type can view video content.
  32. myCred Ready
    Enable the ability to sell video content & earn commission.
    • buyCred
    • cashCred
    • Donation
    • Sell Video Content
    • Withdraw
    • Transactions
  33. Better Messages Ready
    A realtime private messaging system.
  34. Nextend Social Login and Register plugin compatibility.
  35. Translation Ready
  36. W3C Validation
    The W3C organization determines even though a site is in compliance with this Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We have been reviewed & validated as being in compliance with this standard.
  37. Clean Code
  38. Child Theme Included
  39. 1 Click Demo Import
    Just with 1 click import the demo content. That is all you must do to have StreamTube theme up & running with your content in less than 2 minutes.
  40. 1 Click Theme Update
    Auto update using your personal access token & purchase code
  41. Outstanding Support

Source & Credits

We have used the following open-source projects or different file as listed.

We have used the following image for our demo site with this kind permission of:


17 Mar 22 – Ver 1.2.1

Fixed: Footer Social Icons

09 Mar 22 – Ver 1.2

Fixed: bbPress style Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.2

06 Mar 22 – Ver 1.1.9

Fixed: Search Results page, added post type tabs. Fixed: Player. Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix: bbPress, Social Login, Dark, Light mode ... New: Nextend Social Login & Register plugin compatibility https://wordpress.org/plugins/nextend-facebook-connect/

04 Mar 22 – Ver

Added: Full Video Permalink on Share Box option. Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix

02 Mar 22 – Ver 1.1.7

Added: Better Messages plugin compatible https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-better-messages/ Added: Dashboard Inbox page. Added: Dashboard menu item badges. Added: Video Download option at Theme Options > Misc section. Fixed: Inbox fields dark template. Fixed: Video Length Fixed: Theme Auto-Update feature. Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1.7 Updated: WP User Follow 1.2 Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix

21 Feb 22 – Ver 1.1.2

Fixed: Video Embed issue. Fixed: Google Adsvertisement Overlapping

18 Feb 22 – Ver 1.1

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1 Added: myCRED: Dashboard Transactions page. Added: myCRED: Donation Added: myCRED: Buy Points element Added: myCRED: Sell Video Content Added: Content Restriction, enable the ability for restricting video content for visitors, logged-in user, custom roles & custom capabilities with AND|OR operators. Added: Player Autoplay, mute options Added: Auto load Video.JS player for default WP video shortcode & gutenberg video blocks. Added: Play external HLS video. Added: More socials for footer icons. Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1 Added: HLS Encryption option, enable the ability for encrypting uploaded video. Added: Site Health info, enable the ability for debugging your copy of FFmpeg settings. Updated: PO Language file Updated: Documentation Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix

01 Feb 22 – Ver 1.0.9

Updated: StreamTube Core Updated: WP Video Encoder - Added 1920x1080 (HD 1080), 2560x1440 (HD 1440) & 3840x2160 (4K) resolution options. Added: Edit Post Slug field, allows the user to update the post slug from the frontend biçim. Fixed: Google Site Kit Reports, works faster & better. Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix

26 January 22 – Ver

 Fixed: post views Added: post views for blog posts. 

22 Jan 2022 – Ver 1.0.8

 Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.8 Updated: WP Video Encoder Updated: POT language file. Updated: Documentation Added: Website name & admin address in email header of notification. Added: more options for the encoder. Fixed: Auto Publish Video feature Fixed: Menu Item HTML tag. Added: Auto delete attached file after video deleted. Added: Google Sitekit Reports: track pageViews, videoViews. Added: Options for disabling User Dashboard & User Profile pages Added: Options for editing comments from Frontend Dashboard. Added: Last Seen feature Added: Views count for admin video table Added: Views count for frontend video table Fixed: Widget Pagination Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix. 

27 December 2021 – Ver 1.0.7

Added: Rest API v1 Updated: WP Post Like 1.0.2 Updated: WP User Follow 1.0.3 Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.0.7 Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.7: - Fixed Pagination - Fixed Upload User Avatar Orientation - Fixed Auto-generate vimeo thumbnail image. Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix.

22 December 2021 – Ver 1.0.6

Fixed: Comment read more background Fixed: StreamTube Core: Woocommerce widgets on the dashboard. Fixed: Update video length on uploading chunks. Fixed: Retrieve wrong theme slug in Update feature Fixed: User profile menu Fixed: Review plugin. Added: Custom Upload or Auto-Generate Animation (web) image, auto show animation image on hovering thumbnail image. Improved: Generate thumbnail image from self-hosted file & embed URL Added: HLS Video quality selector Added: Playlist reloader Added: Player Skins: City, Forest, Fantasy & Sea. Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.6 Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.0.6: more options & more feature Updated: WP Easy Review 1.4.1 Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix.

15 December 2021 – Ver 1.0.5

 Added: Woocommerce compatibility, members can manage their orders, downloads & addresses from their dashboard instead of default Woocommerce pages. Added: BBpress compatibility Added: drag & drop upload, big file upload. Added: Auto-update using purchase code & personal access token Added: Post types search selection Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 1.0.5 Updated: WP Video Encoder plugin 1.0.4 Updated: WP User Follow plugin 1.0.2 Updated: WP Post Like plugin 1.0.1 Updated: WP Easy Review plugin 1.4 Fixed: minor CSS & JS fix. 

29 November 2021 – Ver 1.0.4

Fixed: Auto-generate video image on the backend. Updated: StreamTube Core plugin ver 1.0.2

25 November 2021 – Ver 1.0.3

 Added: Google Interactive Media Adsvertisement, the player support google adsvertisement: pre-roll, mid-roll ... Updated: Widget masonry for user dashboard page. Fixed: load external video URL. Fixed: video embed responsive. 

02 November 2021 – Ver 1.0.0

Initial ver

Author of StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme nulled


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