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The Parallaxer WP – Parallax Effects on Content nulled


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The Parallaxer PRO is ultimate Parallax blocks builder plugin for your WordPress site. It feature Shortcode Generator, Visual Composer generation & many options along the way!

Wow your visitors with DZS Parallaxer & install easy in any template, & setup any content in any size.

Live Preview – here

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  • iPhone / iPad optimized – this gallery özgü been optimized for Apple touch device
  • Android optimized – this component özgü been tested on Android 4.0+ Chrome
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up, the Testimonial Rotator uses non hidden valid html markup to build the widget
  • compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE9 to IE11+, Chrome, Safari & Firefox
  • retina ready – looks great on retina device
  • shortcode generator – generate the shortcode on the fly
  • visual composer integration – integrate in most powerful page builder
  • developer / SASS powered – this component’s CSS özgü been built on top of SASS which mean SASS user will have an easy time modifying the skins. For non-SASS user it is no sorun either because CSS file ( generated by SASS ) are provided
  • new: – place as background parallax
  • The Parallaxer WP - Parallax Effects on Content - 1

    Mobile Optimized

    Smooth on mobiles too because of hardware
    acceleration. Android 4.0+ Chrome & iOS tested
    to deliver super smooth experience

    Watch Video

    The Parallaxer WP - Parallax Effects on Content - 2

    Any Content

    Scroll any content, like sliders, html content
    & different complex stuff. In left is structure
    on which the Parallaxer calculates scrolling



    How does the full page work?

    The full page example is series of full size parallaxers. Realistically it will not look just like that in any theme because there are different elements to a theme like menu, so not just content. ( unless you have theme with this menu overlaying on top like the preview page )

    could you give me the snippet, how you manage to display video with full width & parallax effect

    Sure, you have to to open the shortcode genertor. & at the bottom, turn the Use Custom Content to ON, then in Custom Content field enter


    This is of course embed code taken from vimeo

    Can you overlay content over the video & different section blocks?

    U can overlay any content over the parallaxer. You have WordPress Editor for typing any html content overlaying the Parallaxer.

    Can I use this in PHP, like in template file?

    Yes, just use


    For updating, disable & delete the previous ver, & install the new downloaded 1. Or just unpack the zip you get from the download & overwrite the previous file in folder from wp-content/plugins/ via FTP

    UPDATE 3.20 [ 04/21/2019 ]

    • [ADD] Gutenberg support ( In Classic Block )

    UPDATE 3.00 [ 10/22/2017 ]

    • [ADD] layers functionality
    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 2.48 [ 12/17/2016 ]

    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 2.47 [ 10/24/2016 ]

    • [FIX] some bugs

    UPDATE 2.46 [ 09/19/2016 ]

    • [FIX] a fatal bug

    UPDATE 2.45 [ 06/09/2016 ]

    • [FIX] fixed the preview
    • [ADD] slider support
    • [ADD] slider example in Sample Data / Import with 1 click
    • [ADD] heading left example in Sample Data / Import with 1 click
    • [ADD] mode-onlyone

    UPDATE 2.44 [ 04/30/2016 ]

    • [FIX] a bug with parallxer stoping before its time

    UPDATE 2.43 [ 03/30/2016 ]

    • [FIX] a bug in shortcode generator not generating
    • [FIX] a bug when disabling easy loading & using simple-mode

    UPDATE 2.42 [ 03/28/2016 ]

    • [ADD] sample data import
    • [FIX] chrome bug showing 1 extra pixels below separators
    • [FIX] Visual Composer now refreshes content on change in frontend editor

    UPDATE 2.41 [ 03/24/2016 ]

    • [ADD] 1/2 column shortcodes
    • [TWEAK] improvements for simple-mode

    UPDATE 2.40 [ 09/20/2015 ]

    • [ADD] responsive options in shortcode generator – scale responsively on mobile device

    UPDATE 2.31 [ 08/26/2015 ]

    • [FIX] an error in generator

    UPDATE 2.30 [ 07/14/2015 ]

    • [ADD] module Feature

    UPDATE 2.20 [ 07/14/2015 ]

    • [ADD] place as background parallax option on each post / page ( via meta options )

    UPDATE 2.10 [ 03/19/2015 ]

    • [ADD] autoupdater feature
    • [FIX] error notice in admin

    UPDATE 2.00 [ 03/18/2015 ]

    • [ADD] separator feature
    • [ADD] multiple parallax elements inside parallax element
    • [ADD] buttons for inserting text over parallax effect easily
    • [FIX] some bugs

    Different Great Plugins

    preview wordpress portfolio preview wordpress youtube video gallery

    What do you get?

    • Parallaxer PRO WordPress plugin – get creative!
    • documentation – extensive documentation on how to install & configure the plugin
    • free updates – even if the value of this gallery increases with upcoming updates, u will get them for free
    • free support – via my forum -> http://digitalzoomstudio.net/support/


    Author of The Parallaxer WP – Parallax Effects on Content nulled


    Download The Parallaxer WP – Parallax Effects on Content nulled

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