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TurtlePass – Team Password Manager nulled


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TurtlePass is self-hosted team password manager for companies to share passwords with there teams. Each password will be encrypted & can be shared, secured by an advanced access control system. Create user & add passwords to your account. Then u can share it with selected user if you like.

Additionally, it can be integrated with different software by given REST-API.





System Requirements

  • Apache, nginx or IIS web server
  • PHP 5.5+, PHP 7.0+
  • MySQL 5.5+ (MySQL 8 not supported)
  • Domain or Subdomain (yourdomain.com or turtlepass.yourdomain.com)
  • Not working in subdirectory like (yourdomain.com/turtlepass)
  • SSL certificate (recommended)

What’s Included

  • TurtlePass app (including source code)
  • 6 months support
  • Installation guide for easy setup
  • API documentation for developers
  • Future updates (till next major release)

Changelog Ver 1.3 -> 1.4

 [Update] Update to Symfony Framework Ver 3 [Update] Update Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 [New Feature] Move Passwords to different Groups [New Feature] Edit own user & user groups [Bugfix] Some template & language fixes [Bugfix] Fixed change own password [Bugfix] Fixed share password 

Changelog Ver 1.2 -> 1.3

 [Bugfix] Sharing a password didn't email the recipient [New Setting] New setting for the availability to choose if new user should confirm their email address [New Feature] LDAP/AD Support [New Feature] Sharing a password can now be limited to views [New Setting] U can now decide when the reCAPTCHA flood protection will be shown [New Feature] All passwords can be downloaded to a CSV file [New Feature] Sorting password groups on the left-hand side is now available by drag'n drop for each user [New Feature] User groups for easier managing sharing passwords with user [Bugfix] Clicking on the backgroud closed the modal popups [Update] Updated 3rd party libraries 

Changelog Ver 1.1 -> 1.2

 - Added 2-Way-Authentication support - Share passwords with others (link or email) & optional the possibility for them to change the information - Check for new TurtlePass updates - Added custom fields for passwords - Whitelist & blacklist ip addresses for restricted access - Allow login only for whitelisted ip addresses if enabled - Support for Microsoft IIS web server - ReCaptcha configuration wizard - Extended readme - Reduced file size - Framework & component updates - Extended installation checks - Deleted user can not login anymore - Deleting user donot block username anymore - Some style fixes 

Changelog Ver 1.0 -> 1.1

 - Password Icon Support - Password Audit Log - New Password Types (Bank Account, Credit Card, Email, Server, Software License) - ReCaptcha Support - Registration & Forgot Password Support (Turn on/off global settings) - Email send support - Global Settings - Change PageTitle on new Settings Page - Fixed jumping tooltips - Fixed sorun with user password length - Fixed grant access to different user as not admin user - Allow installation without changing root directory (Apache Webserver) - Added current ver at the bottom - Fixed mcrypt deprecation in PHP 7.1 

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