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A WooCommerce plugin to create & sell ecards on your WP site. Using this plugin, customer can send personalised ecards to single / multiple recipients for any occasion. Site admins can earn good revenue with this plugin by getting ecard orders from customer.

WooCommerce eCards WordPress Overview WooCommerce eCards WordPress Plugin

Feature Highlights

  1. Easily create & sell ecards on your woocommerce store within minutes.
  2. Buyers will purchase ecards just like regular ecard woocommerce product just by filling a small biçim – recipient’s mandatory information.
  3. Buyers can easily customize ecard information, make it personalized 1 & send it to their recepient on any date.
  4. Admin can setup default greeting subject & message for the ecard products.
  5. Ecard purchase biçim is fully customizable from backend.
  6. Buyers can send an ecard copy to themselves also for free.
  7. Buyers can update Ecard content information from cart page also once Ecard özgü been added to cart.
  8. Buyers can see Ecard preview on product, cart & checkout page.
  9. Most Important: Site admins can also send customized ecards to their site user from backend anytime with live preview. Useful for Promotional activities, providing any general notifications to user or for greeting them on occasions.

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Ver 2.0.8

 - New - Improved & new backend UI for better user experience. 

Ver 2.0.7

 - Fix - A security patch added. 

Ver 2.0.4

 Fix - Paragraph formatting issue in preview. New - Manual ecard sending for individual recipient from order edit screen in backend. 

Ver 2.0.3

 - Admin can now manually send e-card in order to recipient, once the order status is set to completed. 

Ver 2.0.2

 - Design issue of ecard column fixed on product listing page. 

Ver 2.0.1

 New - New column on product listing screen for indicating product as ecard. New - Tools module integrated for viewing cron job event, email testing & resetting plugin's settings. Fix - Multiple ecard emails delivered (in a particular condition) to same customer fixed. 

Ver 2.0.0

 - Envato coding standard applied. 

Ver 1.0.9

 - Fix - Woocommerce Order Listing Screen Custom Column Issue Fixed 

Ver 1.0.8

 - Ability to send an ecard to multiple recipients. 

Ver 1.0.7

 -Fix - PHP 7 compatible issues fixed.. 

Ver 1.0.6

 - Fix - Convert into Ecard checkbox issue fixed. - Improvement - Code optimized. 

Ver 1.0.5

 - Fix - In some cases, preview button was showing an empty page. 

Ver 1.0.4

 - Improvement - Missing strings added. - Fix - Removed unused css from the frontend. - New - Manage 'Preview' & 'Update' buttons from the backend. 

Ver 1.0.3

 - Fix - Emails to All User Fixed. - New - Ecard Product Status set to complete after paypal payment. - Improve - New UI for Dashboard & Forms. 

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All current customer & future customer are encouraged to send us feature they want to see in next ver. We’re very passionate about this product & are dedicated to making it valuable for everybody.

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