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Advanced Variations for WooCommerce Products

Our developer team focused on making WooCommerce more powerful & we have created so many tools to make your life easier while running an online shop with WooCommerce. As long as you run your store with WooCommerce defaults, your options are limited & sometimes it doesn’t offer any solution for your basic problems. Our idea behind the creation of WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin is to keep it simple & fast while offering advanced feature. WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin offers so many powerful tools eg conditions, product image change, buyer input with file upload, conditional pricing ….. The best part of using our plugin is you don’t need to change whatever in your WooCommerce products. You will create separate tree & add this wherever you like. Adding an extra menu for your products özgü never been that easy.


Key Feature

  • Advanced Variation options for WooCommerce Products
  • Easily creates extra menus
  • Advanced Pricing options
  • Buyer inputs with file upload feature
  • Conditional Extra Variations
  • Conditional Pricing between Variations
  • Full compatibility with default WooCommerce Variations
  • Easy to create advanced product wizards
  • Thumbnail option for Extra Variations
  • Product image change
  • Group option
  • Hide or Show Groups depend on condition
  • Different view options
  • CSS Support
  • Simple design
  • Database Backup & Restore options
  • Drag & Drop feature
  • Sortable Extra Variations
  • Sortable Groups
  • Title option for Extra Variation
  • Minimum Selection limits
  • Maximum Selection limits
  • “Required” selection as an option


More detail

How does it work?

Documentation page


How Do I Add Extra Variations to My Products?

When you buy & install WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin, it will add a new menu under the Products menu called “Extra Variation”. You don’t need to change whatever on your pre-created WooCommerce products. You will create all extra variations from our plugin’s menu & add them wherever you like, you may show this menu on all product categories or u can select which products will have extra variations. By default, all newly created extra variations are active for all products.

When you are done creating groups & extra variations, your customer will see this tree on your default WooCommerce product page. They be able to select some extra variations here for their order, when they add 1 extra variation to cart, it will show as an extra price like 10+5. When the order is completed, it will calculate the total price & will get the total amount from the customer. You will see which extra variations are selected in order page & in confirmation email.


WooCommerce Extra Variation - 1 WooCommerce Extra Variation - 2 WooCommerce Extra Variation - 3


WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin offers;

  • Easy integration to standard WooCommerce products
  • Full CSS support
  • Easy to create ingredients menu for Restaurants
  • Conditional Pricing for Extra Variations
  • Required option for some variations
  • Automatic calculation of cart total in order page
  • File upload feature for customized products eg T-shirts & mugs
  • Many options for Pizza & Burger restaurants.
  • Easy installation


Is It Hard to Setup WooCommerce Extra Variation Plugin?

Installation is easy like any different Wordpress plugin. We have very detailed “how do i do” section in our documentation page. Best feature of plugin is easy integration, you don’t need to change your products, categories, prices ….. You only need to create extra variation tree & show them on your products.

Installation is simple but our plugin offers more than that. We have so many advanced feature like conditions, pricing, buyer inputs so we highly recommend you to check our how do i do guide. Pricing feature enables you to give different prices for different selections, it may be good for size depended units. Also with conditions u can lead your customer to get right products, for example u can create computer wizard & avoid your customer to select unmatching products by linking right ones.


WooCommerce Extra Variation - 4

Support & Update

We are updating our plugins regularly. The WooCommerce Extra Variation plugin was first published in 2017 & we did lots of upgrades, added new feature & always keep it updated for latest versions of WooCommerce & Wordpress. We’ll keep updating it with new feature & improve our code regularly. More than 400 stores worldwide use our plugin & we managed to help their business by adding some feature & keeping the plugin active.

We have very quick & helpful support for our plugins. We don’t give customization support but we take feedback very seriously & if you like a feature which may help the entire plugin, we are very fast at implementing new feature.

WooCommerce Extra Variation - 5

EVP helped hundreds of user to achieve their goal of designing a highly functional & beautiful website. Don’t take our words for it. Check out for yourself.




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