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What is colorizer?

Colorizer is new exciting plugin for WooCommerce. It makes colorizing & assembling images for variations a breeze. Stop wasting your time, don’t create dozens of images to illustrate every variation, make a few instead!

Check out our demo T-shirt product http://colorizer.optart.biz/product/t-shirt/. To illustrate every possible variation you would have to create 73*72 + 7 = 301 images! The demo is made from 7 images only: front & back T-shirt for woman & man & the logos. That is not only saving you time but also the disc space.

Colorizer in action

colorizer in action - front-end

colorizer in action - back-end

Sample graphic generated with WooCommerce Product Colorizer Sample graphic generated with WooCommerce Product Colorizer Sample graphic generated with WooCommerce Product Colorizer


How about an example when creating an image for every variation is simply impossible? All you want is product with 10 elements colorized by 10 other colors – that is 10^10 images to make in this approach & only 10 using Colorizer!


  • Easy-to-use editor similar to graphic editor programs
    Graphic editor available in Woocommerce Product Colorizer
  • Raster images colorization
  • Vector images colorization
  • Conditional image hiding
  • Background colorization
  • Images opacity
  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x gallery
  • Easy import & export
  • Tested compatibility with IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

Pls note that there is slight possibility that some issues may occur when using iPhones & iPads – Colorizer may not work properly on products with more than one layer & color.

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What about variation swatches?

If you need to show images/coloured circles instead of regular select for choice of variation – you are able to use one of many free modules doing exactly that. Here is one that we’ve tested & haven’t noticed all issues: WooCommerce Variation Swatches by ThemeAlien.

Known incompatibilities

There are themes, that change product image & image gallery not only in a way it looks, but in general they take out whole code & put their own. As we do modify default WooCommerce gallery instead of creating our relatively own solution (for better compatibility with themes & other plugins) , in such cases our plugin may not work properly. Theme that we know to be incompatible for now is Porto.

Important – you have to prepare your images upfront

Colorizer uses the transparent parts of your image to put the colour of choice in these transparent places. This means, the picture has to be prepared upfront to have such transparent areas.


 * 4.2.0 * Changed output product images from JPEG to PNG for better quality * Updated minified scripts paths * 4.1.0 * Added ability to set an additional pattern for colors applied through the plugin * Bumped compatibility to WooCommerce 3.6.5 * 4.0.11 * Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.2 * 4.0.10 * Fixed black background bug * Fixed zoom after deselecting variation * 4.0.9 * Improved performance on modern browsers * Fixed bug with displaying transparent images on ie & edge * Fixed bug with not displying zoom image on the other images * Updated version of fabric.js * 4.0.8 * Fixed bug with special charcters in attributes slug * Added "create demo product" button * 4.0.7 * Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.3 * 4.0.6 * Added compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3.0 * 4.0.5 * Removed CSS bug in editor * Fixed null bug in editor * 4.0.4 * Improved compatibility with themes * 4.0.3 * Fixed editor on Firefox * Fixed saving attributes * 4.0.2 * Fixed removing layers * Improved compatibility with themes * Made borders of active objects more visible * Fixed import * 4.01 * Added saving images to cart (now you'll see "colorized" image in the cart too! * 4.0.0 * Complete rewrite 

Follow this link to see full changelog of woocommerce product colorizer.

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