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Free download WooCommerce Product Slider & Carousel Plugin nulled

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WooCommerce Product Slider & Carousel Plugin nulled


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WooCommerce Product slider plugin enables you to add fascinating product carousels anywhere on your eCommerce website using a short code. Bring your top-notch store items by adding them to the sliders and displaying them on any pages.

Filter products to be added in slider and customize slider settings, layout & theme. Customize the slider elements like price, add to cart, navigation buttons, etc.

  • Create Multiple Product Sliders to Highlight Store Items
  • Display Specific Products and Categories in Slider
  • Create Short-codes to Display Sliders on any Page
  • Set Slider to Auto-play or let the Users Play it Manually
  • Display Products in an order. Sort them by Id, Name, Price, Sales, etc.
  • Customize Slider such as time interval, pagination speed, Loop/Rewind, etc.
  • Product Slider is Fully Responsive
  • Compatible with WPML (New)

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Auto-Play Slider to Display Products One after Another

With woocommerce product thumbnail slider, you can enable slider auto-play options that perfectly display and move products with a moderate speed. Configure slide speed and auto-play interval timeout. Enable pausing slider auto-play on hover for the ease of users.

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Create Multiple Product Sliders For Your Store Items

WooCommerce Product slider plugin allows you to add numerous sliders to your online store to highlight store items. Create a slider, copy its short code, and paste it to any page where you want to display the slider.

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Display Specific Products and Categories in a Slider

Selecting a category will add all of its products to the slider, whereas adding products one by one will allow you to display products you want to highlight. Add specific products to bring the most demanding store items to the forefront.

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Embed WooComemrce Product Sliders into Any pages

Brilliantly embed a product slider to any pages by copying a shortcode. The product slider grid at the backend displays all created product sliders with their shortcode. Copy it to any page and the Woocommerce product slider will show up accordingly.

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Customize Price tab, Navigation, Add to Cart button

WooCommerce Product slider and carousel plugin allow numerous customization options of the slider elements. You can personalize the font size, color, and alignment of price, labels, excerpt, add to cart button, and navigation buttons.

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Custom Style Your WooCommerce Sliders

Product slider is programmed with an amazing layout to enable complete personalization. You can create your own style or choose from existing layout / themes for your slider.

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WooCommerce Product Carousel plugin is a responsive tool that molds to the varying screens sizes of the consumer devices. Furthermore, you can configure the display of products in each slider with respect to a screen size that includes, extra large, large, medium, small, and extra small.

Compatible with WPML

WooCommerce product slider plugin is compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin).

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  • Configure Pagination speed
  • Set the slider on loop or rewind
  • Enable or disable mouse drag
  • Touch drag yes/no
  • Show dot for each slider item

Change Log

 Version 1.1.0 Updated: New Features: 1) WPML Compatible. 
 Version 1.0.0: 1) Initial release of plugin. 

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