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A WooCommerce extension to send SMS & EMAIL notification to shop customer. Admin can send 3 custom emails to customer – Delivery Reminder Email, Pending Payment Email, Product Feedback Email. All these emails & sms are delivered according to settings done by site admins in backend. From subject to email body everything is manageable & dynamic placeholders can be used inside email body. This plugin uses the default email template that WooCommerce uses to deliver emails to maintain the consistency among all the emails. This is must have premium plugin for any WooCommerce based website.

WooCommerce Reminder Email Pro Overview WooCommerce Reminder Email Pro Features


  • Send first, second & third payment reminder to your customer for pending order.
  • Send pre delivery email & sms notification before delivery date to your customer.
  • Get product reviews from your customer who recently purchased your product.
  • Customer can be notified for putting a new order through SMS.
  • All email & sms contents are fully customizable using backend interface.
  • Use Data placeholders in email & sms contents.
  • Send sms using twilio sms gateway. Easy to configure in backend
  • Delivery date is decided by customer & admin.
  • Easy to use backend settings to customize all reminders notification.

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Ver 2.0.8

 - New - Improved & new backend UI for better user experience. 

Ver 2.0.7

 - Fix - A security patch added. 

Ver 2.0.5

 - Fix - Code optimisation. 

Ver 2.0.4

 - Fix - Plugin header updated. 

Ver 2.0.3

 - Fix - Backend biçim field description updated. More user friendly to understand. 

Ver 2.0.2

 - Fix - Code optimisation. 

Ver 2.0.1

 - Fix - Translation template file updated. 

Ver 2.0.0

 - Fix - Reminder emails were not going for old orders. 

Ver 1.0.9

 Fix: Query optimization for selecting orders in cron job process 

Ver 1.0.8

 - New - Delivery reminder emails delay time can be specified by hours & minutes now. - New - Estimated time left for delivery of reminder emails can be viewed in order edit screen backend meta box. - New - Admin can manually trigger reminder emails from order edit screen if it's skipped by WordPress cron job due to any reason for any order. 

Ver 1.0.7

  • Remove order delivery date related validation message in backend if product delivery functionality is not enabled.
  • Manageable no. of days to send the reminder to old orders that were created before plugin activation.
  • Remove automatic payment reminder emails sending just after plugin activation.
  • Code optimization.

Versjion 1.0.6

 - Fixed specify delivery date error on all orders in backend. - Compatibility issue with woocommerce 3.4.4 fixed. 

Ver 1.0.5

 - Fix - PHP 7 Compatible Issue fixed. 

Ver 1.0.4

 New - Send reminder emails for Payment status on "Hold" customer.

Ver 1.0.3

 - Fix - Compatible with latest ver of woocommerce 3.0. - New - New Placeholders to modify email contents. - Improve - New UI for Backend Forms & Dashboard. 

Ver 1.0.2

 - Fix - Stopped wrong reminder emails for old orders. - New - Cron settings to run reminder mails process. - New - Ability to send pending payment link in email. 

WooCommerce Reminder Emails for WordPress - 2 Suggestions

All current customer & future customer are encouraged to send us feature they want to see in next ver. We’re very passionate about this product & are dedicated to making it valuable for everybody.

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