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Free download WooCommerce Step Filter – Product Filter for WooCommerce nulled

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WooCommerce Step Filter – Product Filter for WooCommerce nulled


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Lite version Docs online

Powerful & flexible plugin for creating filters for your WooCommerce products

That isn’t a simple & usual product filter that u can see on many sites. It provide more possibilities for use.

U can create quiz to filter products & show only appropriate results to your customer.

This is possible to show filtering results right within the filter or lead the customer to a shopping page.

The filter can be placed on any page. Just place the shortcode wherever you like.

& of course, it can be used as usual product filter in a shopping page sidebar.

How it works

What exactly is possible to achieve:

  • Different workflow mode: tabs, single step, & different
  • Unlimited number of steps with their own content, view, settings, & rules
  • Any filtering source: price, attribute, category, tag, or custom rule
  • Real work with this custom meta fields
  • So many input types & views from radio/checkbox/numeric to multi-select & formula-based
  • Place the filter wherever you like using the shortcode
  • Show the filtered products right within the filter
  • Collect requests statistic of your filters
  • Gömü empty & not-empty results pages
  • Generate results PDF with filtered products
  • Set questions & answer condition logic settings
  • Create so many filters for use as you have to
  • & many many more!



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Try WooCommerce Step Filter before you buy!

Try the lite version of the plugin with only basic possibilities to understand the workflow better.

Also, u can email [email protected] for access to an admin açık oturum & experience how the full WooCommerce Step Filter ver fits into your eCommerce store!

Technical feature:

  • Full async work – no excess page refreshes
  • Responsive design for any device size
  • Good organized & customizable code
  • Accessibility friendly
  • Adopts to Bootstrap based themes
  • Easy views & templates customization
  • Works without Javascript even


 = 8.0.0 = Removed: Manual values filter by category/tag/attribute New: Manual value filter by terms New: Line horizontal nav view Tweak: Line nav refactoring Fix: Manual values question values bug Fix: Action on click setting bugs  = 7.11.1 = Fix: Manual values question bug with attribute selection  = 7.11.0 = New: Show header/footer settings Tweak: Results step controls improvements Fix: Selected values active state bug  = 7.10.0 = New: "Output calculated formula value" option New: "Attribute value source" setting New: "Category parent by a question answer" setting Tweak: Dynamic value for the "Show count" option Tweak: Better work with this native WooCommerce widget filters Tweak: Admin UI improvements  = 7.9.0 = New: Filtering by a formula New: Results PDF New: Controls class settings Tweak: Small improvements  = 7.8.1 = Tweak: Code improvements Fix: Meta filtering bug Fix: Category parent setting bug  = 7.8.0 = New: Radio/checkbox button view New: "Ignore filtering" question setting New: Results tab thumbnail setting New: More numeric view type settings Fix: Preliminary results bug Fix: Statistic results IDs bug Tweak: Code improvements  = 7.7.1 = Tweak: Code improvements  = 7.7.0 = New: Extra query arguments setting Fix: Value removing bug Tweak: Code improvements  = 7.6.1 = Fix: Small code bugs  = 7.6.0 = New: More navigation views New: More "Doesn't matter" value settings New: "Enable value list" setting Tweak: Code improvements  = 7.5.0 = New: Empty results URL setting New: Precise number question type Fix: Question dependencies by empty attribute values admin bug Fix: "Maximum products number in results setting" work bug  = 7.4.0 = New: Min/max values selected setting Tweak: Navigation behavior refactoring Tweak: Save result products in statistic Tweak: noUiSlider update  = 7.3.0 = New: Radio/checkbox chips view Fix: Admin part bugs  = 7.2.0 = New: Manual filters source by tag or attribute New: Question label setting New: "Store session in DB" global setting New: Support multi-choice questions in dependencies Fix: Dependencies work bug Fix: Bonded questions work bug  = 7.1.0 = New: Possibility to use questions categories as steps Fix: Better accessibility Tweak: Different view of manual question products Tweak: Code refactoring Removed: "jquery.serializejson" script  = 7.0.0 = Removed: "Include full style file" global setting New: "Style including type" global setting New: "Enable shop value list" setting New: "Add empty value" drop-down questions setting New: "Enable slider" numeric question setting Fix: Accessibility bugs  = 6.7.0 = New: "Instant redirect to only result page" setting Tweak: Out of stock product & variations handling  = 6.6.0 = New: "Submit & go to results" action on click New: Hidden nav view Fix: Reset button in widget mode bug  = 6.5.0 = New: "Additional GET parameter" question setting Fix: Widget mode results redirect bug  = 6.4.0 = New: "Start from categories level" question setting New: "Max sub-categories level" question setting New: "Hide empty terms" question setting New: "Unmet values behavior" question setting Tweak: Documentation update Fix: Search redirect bugs Fix: Numeric between filtering bug Removed: "Disable unmet values" question setting Removed: "Include sub-categories" question setting  = 6.3.1 = Tweak: Migrate to Bootstrap v4  = 6.3.0 = New: Multi-choice values settings New: Numeric questions step setting  = 6.2.1 = Tweak: Code refactoring Fix: Results button with this single-step mode bug  = 6.2.0 = New: Shop controls visibility options New: Shop repeat button Tweak: "Disable unmet values" for numeric questions  = 6.1.0 = New: Show "Next" button setting New: "Show count" for terms option Tweak: Code improvement  = 6.0.0 = New: Included/excluded terms setting New: "Disable unmet values" for each question Fix: Question dependencies from manual value bug Fix: Navigation with dependant questions bug Tweak: Support of categories tree for radio & checkbox views Removed: "Disable unmet values" for filters  = 5.1.0 = New: Bind with questions setting New: "Sequence" biçim view New: More controls settings Tweak: "Doesn't matter" value in question dependencies Fix: Products withing a filter pagination bug  = 5.0.0 = New: Collecting of inquiries statistic New: Back button Tweak: "Disable unmet values" setting work improvement Tweak: Code refactoring  = 4.1.0 = New: Custom meta filtering New: Scripts including setting Tweak: Documentation update Fix: Multiple numeric fields bug  = 4.0.0 = New: Support of using as simple widget filter New: View types: multi-choice checkbox & multi-choice range Tweak: "Action on click" option for "select" view Tweak: noUiSlider update  = 3.0.0 = New: Question values relation setting New: Preliminary results count option New: Disabling of empty results values option New: Action on click option Fix: Category thumbnail in values bug Fix: Steps & manual values visibility dependencies bug Removed: Submit on click option  = 2.1.0 = New: Category filter type parent setting New: Submit on click option Tweak: Question admin part improvement Fix: Single step mode bugs  = 2.0.0 = Removed: "No preselected values" option New: Manual selection of pre-selected values New: Category filter type Tweak: Better work of dependencies & navigation  = 1.13.1 = Fix: WooCommerce v3.6.1 bugs  = 1.13.0 = New: Tags support Fix: "Show results" button with within results bug  = 1.12.0 = New: Question visibility dependencies option New: "Show products within" option Tweak: Manual values dependencies improvement Fix: Rare filtering bug  = 1.11.0 = New: "No pre-selected values" option Tweak: WOOF plugin support Tweak: Code refactoring  = 1.10.4 = Tweak: RTL support Fix: Code warnings  = 1.10.3 = Tweak: Code refactoring Fix: Admin bugs  = 1.10.2 = Tweak: Admin part refactoring  = 1.10.1 = Fix: Biçim ajax bug  = 1.10.0 = New: Condition logic for manual values Tweak: Core refactoring  = 1.9.0 = New: Imaged fields alignment Tweak: Better Bootstrap 4 support  = 1.8.0 = New: Numeric fields slider Tweak: Better fields view  = 1.7.0 = New: Nav view setting New: Few nav views New: Single step mode  = 1.6.0 = New: "Skip" button New: Tabs action setting  = 1.5.0 = New: Value image New: Step-by-step mode Fix: Rare filtering bug Fix: "Doesn't matter" value bug  = 1.4.0 = New: "Maximum products number in results" setting Tweak: Code refactoring  = 1.3.0 = New: "Scroll to top" option Fix: Rare redirect bugs fix  = 1.2.0 = New: Results url setting  = 1.1.0 = New: Shop page filter controls Fix: Work bugs with plain permalink structure  = 1.0.1 = Fix: The first step notices  = 1.0.0 = Initial release 

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