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Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector is easy & intuitive plugin to link the data between your WooCommerce store & your Wave Accounting app instance.

The Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector is designed to reduce your data entry load to zero while giving you full control over your data.

Let Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector handle your data entry so u can spend time doing what you love – grow your business.


Export Products, Customer & Invoices:

Ability to export products, customer & invoiced new or old with just 1 click.

Import Product & Customer:

Ability to import products & customer new or old with just 1 click.

Automatic real-time sync:

Just as product, customer or order is created in WooCommerce, it is exported to Wave in real time.

Bulk Import & Export:

Want to export or import your to Wave in 1 click, not a sorun as we have got you covered.

Manual Import & Export:

Donot want the automatic sync or only you like to import or export data on demand, or you like to be selective? Good news, that is all absolutely possible.

2-way Data Sync

Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector doesn’t just geçirme data from WooCommerce, it also imports the data from Wave when needed, making sure that no data is duplicated.

Flexible mapping

Worried about duplicates? With this help of our flexible & powerful mapping module Venus WooCommerce Wave Connector will never duplicate a product customer or order.

Human Support

Real human support throughout the week. This is what make our product stand apart & we are proud of it.

WooCommerce Wave Connector Features

Why Use WooCommerce Wave Connector:

Unlimited real time data sync:

Built for consistency & performance from scratch, WooCommerce Wave Connector is must have plugin for your WooCommerce store.

No monthly payment

No limitations. Venus WooCommerce Wave connector is absolutely yours after the purchase.

No third party servers in between

Stay out of reach of prying eyes. Your data is hosted on your site. WooCommerce wave connector doesn’t involve any third party server in between.

Increase Accuracy

To err is human. It is waaaay better to automate the things that machine can do for you. Save 10+ hours every week.

What our customer say?

WooCommerce Wave Connector five star review

WooCommerce Wave Connector five star review WooCommerce Wave Connector five star review WooCommerce Wave Connector five star review


WooCommerce Wave Connector is well Documented plugin. Read our getting started Documentation here. Find more documentation here.

Questions, Queries, Support, Bug report?

We are very happy to assist you with your questions, pre-sales questions, technical queries or bug reports. Please fill in this form along with this detail of your sorun.

 # 2021-04-17 - ver 2.2.1 * Add pagination in Tax map table * Fixed Wave to WooCommerce product import issue * Fixed PHP warning issue * WordPress 5.7.1 compatiblity * WooCommerce 5.2.2 compatiblity # 2020-08-29 - ver 2.2.0 * Include sale taxes along with product while export * Added support for custom order status * Update hooks & filters * Update Get wave product for mapping * Fixed province code issue for UK * Fixed 1 click export order processing bar freeze issue * Fixed local cache meta clear issue ( deleted item meta key removed issue ) * WordPress 5.5 compatiblity # 2020-07-09 - ver 2.1.0 * Fixed Verify button issue * Fixed Wave API logs # 2020-06-07 - ver 2.0.0 * Added date range in 1 click export order * Added Log page * Added Activator class * Added deactivator class * Added advanced tab - clear wave meta option * Replaced API Key based authentication with OAuth * Separated plugin menu * Updated hooks & filters * Fix timeout error in wp_remote_get() * Fix cron unschedule issue * Fix deleted product order export * Fix export customer issues * Fix export order issues # 2020-03-23 - ver 1.0.1 * Added customer shipping address sync * Added hooks & filters * Update export customer error log * Replace file_get_content() with wp_remote_get() in graphql_query() * WooCommerce 4.0.1 compatiblity * Get bussiness & get accounts error log 2020-03-06 - ver 1.0.0 * Initial release 

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