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NOTE: This is not a standalone module, the module requires Perfex CRM app ver 2.4.2 installed, this is module for Perfex CRM.


Introduction to Zoom Meetings Manager – Zoom API module for Perfex CRM

1 Zoom global account that can be used by all staff depending on permissions given by Admins to Create, View or Delete.

Zoom Meeting Manager uses Zoom API & brings Zoom directly to Perfex CRM with abilities to Create, View, Start Meetings & Delete meetings with ease. By default Zoom’s basic account doesn’t allow you to add participants to a meeting. In Zoom Meeting Manager u can add Leads, Staff & Contacts directly from your CRM as attendees (participants) & notify them by email, Zoom Meeting Manager allows that by using Perfex CRM live notifications & email templates.

U can use an app link or web url to enter the meetings. The module does not use an internal database except for Zoom meeting notes, all meetings are fetched from Zoom API (2 Way Sync) & saved there. Only notes are saved in database for each meeting. After the meeting is finished u can leave it or delete it. It will be always synced / fetched from the Zoom API database. Notes will remain in Perfex CRM database until meeting is deleted. Feel free to check out all screenshots below.

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Screenshots Overview

Zoom Meeting Manager - 1 Zoom Meeting Manager - 2 Zoom Meeting Manager - 3 Zoom Meeting Manager - 4 Zoom Meeting Manager - 5 Zoom Meeting Manager - 6 Zoom Meeting Manager - 7 Zoom Meeting Manager - 8


Ver 1.1.1 20/11/2021

  • Minor fix: Password validation for meeting
  • Bug fix: All user were not receiving notifications & emails upon meeting creation
  • Various: Improvements, Optimizations

Ver 1.1.0 20/05/2021

  • Minor bug fixes & code optimizations

Ver 1.0.0 10/09/2020

  • Initial ver

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