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Lescyster Script Brush Font

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Lescyster Script Brush Font


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Lescyster Script Brush is type of display font with distinctive texture brushpen that make this letter have somewhat messy texture, but looks balanced between letters & texture. suitable for use as tshirt design, magazine & book covers, natural photo that require the letters written in front of it, & also brand logos that want to have textured display inscriptions.

Include :

  • Lescyster Script Brush.OTF
  • Lescyster Script Brush.TTF
  • Lescyster Script Brush.WOFF

Need to test words in this font? Just type the box below, & see what it looks like

For more information on accessing alternative flying machines, u can see this link (http://adobe.ly/1m1fn4Y)

Feel free to give me a message if you have sorun or question.

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