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ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Premium Lightbox nulled

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ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Premium Lightbox nulled


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ZoomBox Lightbox Intro – top

ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Lightbox ! What make ZoomBox unique to different lightbox scripts ? In short – quality, user-friendliness, design & social media connectivity. Take a look at the demos & be convinced.

ZoomBox Lightbox Feature

  • HTML5 technology – this gallery uses the latest html5 tehniques ( like Histroy API ) to deliver a never seen before experience to your client
  • fully responsive – looks great from mobile to HD
  • touch optimized – touch device are not forgotten
  • 2 skins – 2 full skins to fit every brand
  • CSS3 technology – this player uses cutting-edge css3 definitions
  • Retina-ready – graphic have double resolution for smooth retina viewing
  • easy install – purchase, download the zip, read the docs
  • iPhone / iPad optimized – this gallery özgü been optimized for Apple touch device
  • Android optimized – this component özgü been tested on Android 4.0 & works awesome
  • developer / SASS powered – this component’s CSS özgü been built on top of SASS which mean SASS user will have an easy time modifying the skins. For non-SASS user it is no sorun either because CSS file ( generated by SASS ) are provided
  • 100% css skinable – want to make slight modifications to skins ? The skins are 100% built from the css & it is easy to edit with css knowledge
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up, the Testimonial Rotator uses non hidden valid html markup to build the widget
  • compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE7 to IE10, Chrome, Safari & Firefox
  • the only lightbox script that does deeplinking right – most lightbox scripts use hashes for delivering the deeplink, but the sorun with that is that facebook likes for example will not get counted for the photo the user is viewing in ZoomBox, but for the entire page instead. With ZoomBox, each item will have it is own comments & likes. This is awesome if you like to have contest for example & the photo with this highest likes wins. Deeplinking can be disabled offcourse.
  • unique ability to zoom on photo – this is perfect lightbox script for photographers to showcase their work because on any image, your visitor can zoom it & see the marvelous detail you capture in your art. Just click any photo once the ZoomBox is open to test.
  • truly social – Zoombox 2 is truly social. It feature the Facebook Like widget & Facebook Chat so your fans can comment on your art. & because deeplinking is done right in ZoomBox 2, each photo özgü it is own likes & comments, even if on the same page. Wow!

ZoomBox Lightbox Updates

UPDATE 2.00 [ 08/09/2014 ]

  • [ADD] maps type
  • [ADD] slider type
  • [ADD] updated documentation
  • [TWEAK] revamped preview

UPDATE 1.20 [ 11/25/2013 ]

  • [FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 1.10 [ 06/14/2013 ]

  • [add] arrows for gallery mode
  • [add] possibility to add own social icons
  • [optimize] touch device view
  • [add] big image control from touch device


I tested the pluging ,but how can i show Facebook Like button & Facebook Chat as the demo.

You have to to run it from http:// protocol ( not a file:// 1 )

Ie. putting it on a live website would make it work. ( or locally with WAMP )

when I click on a thumb & a larger image is shown, there is button that opens the “Social functions” but this window is only opened when I go OVER the button.. when I go off it, it disappears…

Yes, this is how it works.

I understand that your script özgü an audio player, does it play .MP3 file that are stored on my server?

Yes. It will play self hosted mp3s & soundclound audio file.

Was wondering how can I disable the zoom in feature. Where in coding can I add my own social media?

First of all use zoombox.dev.js for development.

Now, u can comment this line ( 1076 ) _theItem.bind(‘click’, click_imageitem);

Then for extra social you just have the social_extraShareIcons option


 $(".zoombox").zoomBox({'social_extraShareIcons' : 'socialiconsrc'}); 
your script works on all device including iPhones & iPads, tablet & smart phone, right?

Yes, it is optimized for any device

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